January 16th, 2007

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A few bits and pieces

From the last few days:

  • Spent Saturday after at the live broadcast world premier of the Met's new opera, The First Emperor. I want to do a whole post about the Met's new outreach program, but for now, I say great idea, even if this particular opera got really tedious toward the end. They're doing a repeat of The Magic Flute (English version) soon, so check out your local theater or visit opera.org.

  • The scratches on my hand and nose are healing well. The one on my nose bugs because I'm worried it'll get some odd scar or spot, but for now I'm just trying to leave it alone.

  • Luckie has officially stopped coming out of hiding when the boys are over. She just stays under the bed and that's that. *shrug*

  • Been spending a lot of time hunting down Electric Company bits on YouTube. I'll do a big post of my favorites soon, but for now I'll say say I found the "T-I-O-N" video and it was just as awesome as I remembered!

  • For whatever reason, my depression has been better lately, at least in terms of the feeling sad/bad part. I've been pretty irritable and grumpy (ask the boys about that), which is another symptom, but at least that doesn't keep me from doing things.
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Movies tastes

Completely by accident, I found the Local Favorites function on Netflix that shows the most popular rentals for towns and cities across the country. After testing a bunch of places, it's clear that while there are some movies that are favorites everywhere (PotC), different cities definitely exhibit taste differences. For an extreme example, compare the rentals in NYC (artsy) to rentals in Fall River, MA (2-stars is the ave. rating). Or compare Washington, D.C. (political stuff) and San Francisco (sex). It's pretty cool.

Bedtime Habits of the Beast

For some reason, Luckie has developed some new, and mostly annoying, bedtime rituals. She's always slept with me on the pillow by my head and from time to time she likes to plunge under the blankets for a bit of warmth. But lately she's been "digging" on the edges of the blankets, running around under the covers, jumping on my feet, and (OK, this was cute) sleeping on my stomach. It's all cute, but not when you're trying to fall asleep. I'll open up the blankets and say "Go in!" but no, she's a cat and just sits there because she doesn't want to go in at that moment. I close my eyes in hopes of sleep only to hear her clawing the blankets! Maniacal beast.

I should never have said that

A couple of weeks ago I had a check-up with my allergist and remember her asking me about sinus infections. "No, haven't had one in two years now, since I started my shots," I remember saying. Well, I think I have one now. My nose has been pretty much clogged up for a week, ears itch and this headache I have is more like a sinus headache than a depression headache. I've tried various allergy meds I have, including the new nasal spray I was just put on, but they're no help. If I try breathing through my nose, it's like breathing through a blocked drinking straw. Gah.

*Presto, A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!*

Darn, no effect.
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Fluffy Creatures!

One of my fantasies is to someday have a home with a yard and/or a room devoted to furry, fluffy creatures, mainly guinea pigs. For warm weather they'd be outside, with a hutch and protective fence, for cold weather, they'd have their own little room. Anyway, example of a potential herdmember, from Petfinder:

OMG, so insanely cute! Thank you to those Andean mountain dwellers who domesticated these creatures thousands of years ago. The gift of cute keeps on giving.
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It's nothing like people (tharain for example) are going through elsewhere in the country, but Atlanta is once again, for the moment, actually COLD again. This weekend it was so damn warm (70!) that even when I just wore an open sweatshirt, it was too friggin' hot. I had to roll up the sleeves on my long sleeve shirt. Which even for Atlanta, in January, is just crazy.

Anyway... my marvelously heat-inefficient condo is pretty darn cold right now. The heat is cranking at 70, and the main room is fine I suppose, but as usual, the bedroom and office are cold, cold, cold. The giant 5'x8' single-pane windows are radiating cold, especially over the bed, which is between two of them and also at a building corner, which has twice as much exterior-facing wall. I just washed all my blankets so tonight I'll make the bed up with a lot of layers.

In a week it'll be T-shirt weather again, alas.