January 21st, 2007

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Catch-up Time

Haven't felt like posting this weekend. Instead, have been doing stuff. Doing stuff! CONCEPT!

Here's what I've been up to / what's been going on:
  • Went to matinee of Pan's Labyrinth Saturday afternoon. I've been anticipating that movie since December. Have to say that while it was very good, very imaginative, and I love Del Torro, I was a bit disappointed by how little time was actually spent in the fantasy world. The trailers made it look like that would be the bulk of the story, but a lot more time was spent on her brutal "father." Not that the real part of the story was badly done -- in fact, it was really gritty and real -- but I had expected something different, so I was a bit put off. I think if I see it again I will enjoy it more.

  • My nose and throat problem continues, but it's gotten a lot better, since at least my sinuses are open now and the headaches have stopped. I still wonder at the amount of snot my nose manages to produce. I mean, it must be like a quart a day!

  • A lot of jobs have been coming in to Metro Girl -- yay, because I *so* need the work. Current/possible projects include: 1) taking over maintenance for PEDS web site, 2) redesigning web site for garden design firm, 3) project for Loudermilk Center, 4) demographic research for housing authority study, 5) one-page site for cell phone store at the market, 6) web site for historic home renovation company, 7) web site for 90 Fairlie. Plus I still have that web site for the transportation consulting firm, which at some point I expect them to go forward with.

  • Still haven't gotten an interview call from SCAD, although Leslie (my neighbor who works there) assures me I should be getting on soon. I really want to interview and know if I'm in or not. A job with some health insurance and money would suit me just fine now, as despite all the work I have for Metro Girl, I am totally soaked financially and am wondering how the heck I'm going to pay my bills coming up.

  • Even if I don't get the SCAD job, I have two other job possibilities coming up: 1) 30-hr./week position at market, doing what I'm doing, only with comp for health insurance and 2) either short-term contract or full-time perm job as marketing assistant for Southface Institute, a green/renewable energy group, where few neighbors of mine work. So in the future I will have some sort of job, just don't know what.

  • Today for breakfast, boys and I went to the lovely Cafe Alsace, a French place in Decatur. While I have to say that the main entree I ordered today was rather bland (scrambled eggs and brie crepe), the almond croissant was unbelievably, as usual. Yumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Tomorrow at the gym, my fav staffmember is going to give me a fitness assessment, mostly to compare my body fat measurements with the ones he took for me last May. He insists it will be much lower, like 18% now, but I'm not so sure. My legs are certainly even skinnier than they were but my middle is like a friggin' tire! Willy is so encouraging of me and keeps telling me how good I look, but personally I feel like I'm *healthy* and *fit* but still have 20-30 lbs. of fat that's keeping me out of my good clothes. Wah!

  • My crossword addiction is growing. I now do 3-4 online crosswords a day. They take me about 10 minutes each, on average, although some are harder than others. I also *try* the LA Times and NY Times puzzles published in the Sunday paper, but I get stuck 3/4 through. I can almost always finish the online ones, even the Newsday one, which has harder clues. I think the online ones are just smaller and use slightly less obscure clues. But anyway, I am wicked good at crosswords now!

  • Quite by accident, got to see another episode of Mr. T's "I Pit the Fool" show. I love that man. Mr. T yelling at teenager farmboys about not respectin' their mama was just classic.

  • LJ is still putting in totally random icons for me, in my posts and comments. It shows my default (Krazy Kap'n Kirk) but the selector just goes to a random one every time. I have no idea why.

Luckie is apparently German as well

Oh, and one more thing: Luckie ate a dish of German pickled herring salad! Including the potatoes, beets and pickles. I noticed she was going after a dirty dish I'd left in the bathroom, so I said "Hmmm, I wonder if she'd eat a plate of it." It took her a couple of days to get to it (she likes her food, even her meat, to sit out a while) but yup, she ate it last night. Her cat poo is going to be wicked stinky now.

Meanwhile every time I eat licorice, Luckie gets in my face and insists on smelling my breath. So far she hasn't eaten any, and I wouldn't let her because it can't be good for her, but I wonder if she actually likes the smell. Knowing her, I bet she does. She loves eating parsley, celery and endive, for example!
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Some more updates

Thought of a few more things, on the way to and from the gym this afternoon...
  • Bought a really cheap, no-name (literally, absolutely NO name) MP3/digital recorder/FM radio off eBay. For $15, I've got a device about the size of a Flash drive that actually *is* a Flash drive (can pop it right into my laptop), has 1GB memory, plays the radio, lets me *record* the radio, and will record up to 10 hr. of digital audio. So it's not an iPod and so it's got a horrible non-intuitive interface. It was $15 plus shipping, it works, and now even if I don't go putting my meager digital music library on it, I can walk around listening to WABE. Today at the gym, I got to listen to Aaron Copland's "Billy the Kid" ballet, Grieg, Vivaldi, and Mozart. And the little thing is so tiny I just stick it between my boobs :)

  • This week is the second week of me getting back to working out and it's going well. The other day I leg-pressed 400 lbs. Which was kinda crazy but I did it. Today I had a really nice warm-up session, ran about 1/2 mile, and did the full circuit training, which is I think 14 different strength-training machines. My arms seem to be getting stronger, especially my shoulders. My chest and biceps are still wimpy but even so, better. And meanwhile I seem to have lost 3 lbs., so I'm back to my weight before I went on exercise hiatus.

  • As a belated birthday gift, ordered Mom a 20-stem red tulip bouquet, using one of my all-time favorite e-commerce sites, FlowerBud.com. It ain't cheap, but the bouquets are *gorgeous* and *huge* and last 2-3 weeks, because they arrive in bud form. I've probably sent Mom half a dozen of their bouquets so far (plus a eucalyptus holiday wreath) and she always raves about them. I've received a couple of their bouquets myself and they're astonishing.

  • It's tempting fate for me to say so, but my mood for the past week or so has been far less dark and groggy. I'm still irritable and cranky, but I'm sleeping better and no longer feel like I'm about to cry, so obviously my body chemistry is actually *in* whack of late. It won't last, but hey, nice to know what it feels like.

  • The weather here in Atlanta has improved of late -- it's cool and rainy and foggy. Any weather that lets me wear my coats and tights -- and keeps the panhandling population down -- is A-OK with me!
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From fridayfiver -- Thanks

1. What did you eat yesterday?
Kashi GOLEAN Flax Crunch (jeez, could I get much crunchier?) with Silk soymilk.

2. Are you more likely to yell or give the silent treatment?
I only really yell or bitch at a couple of people (guess who!?), so I guess normally I either give people the silent treatment or just ignore them or at least ignore whatever it is that bothers me about what they're doing. I will talk to other people about the problem, in person or on LJ, and I may end up emailing the person about the issue, but I rarely confront anybody and say "Hey, you've pissed me off royally and I fart in your general direction!"

3. Who did you last grieve?
Steve Irwin, a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter. I'm a huge Animal Planet junkie and his death really hit me hard. I kept thinking about it for at least a week and watched the live broadcast of the funeral. Tonight AP / Discover is airing the "Ocean's Most Dangerous" special Irwin was filming when he was killed, and I just refuse to watch it, because even though they've cut out the whole day of his death, I find the whole thing too upsetting. I'd be watching going "Oh, he says *that* and the next day he's dead!" So depressing.

4. What feels good today?
The steam bath I had after my work out. There are few things in life that are more pleasurable to me than steam baths, especially when it's really, really hot, tons of steam, and there's a full mister bottler of eucalyptus oil in the bath. Lovely!

5. Friday fill in: Thank you ___ for ___.
Caleb for paying for breakfast at Cafe Alsace today.

Cat Yoga Master

You know what is sooooooooooooo sweet? When Luckie's curled in a ball and pulls her hind legs up over her face with her front paws. It's like she's some kind of yoga master!

Also sweet? The way she often lies on her back with her front legs bent and crossed just like she's crossing her arms. Again, cat yoga master.