January 23rd, 2007


My TV Habits

I tend not to watch any "series" TV, like dramas or sitcoms or anything (besides M*A*S*H & Star Trek). Instead, I watch a lot of documentary or reality TV. Decided to break it down, by network...

Discovery Health
The Critical Hour
Dr. G: Medical Examiner
Medical Incredible
Untold Stories of the E.R.
Diagnosis: Unknown
Mystery Diagnosis
Skeleton Stories

Animal Planet
Animal Cops
Animal Miracles
Animal Planet Heroes: Phoenix
Animal Precinct
Blue Planet
Buggin' with Ruud
Corwin's Quest
Miami Animal Police

Project Runway
Top Chef

America's Funniest Home Videos
Engineering An Empire
Ghost Hunters
Modern Marvels
Most Haunted
Pimp My Ride
Plastic Surgery: Before & After
Star Trek
Star Trek: TNG
10 Years Younger

And BBC America's satellite feed is messed up for me now, but if it wasn't, my fav shows there:

Cash in the Attic
Ground Force
What Not to Wear

Sure winner hooks for me: 1) shows with viewer discretion warnings, 2) medical shows, 3) shows about animals, 4) home videos / video clips, 5) ancient civilization, 6) paranormal (esp. ghosts), 7) Nazis.