January 24th, 2007


Luckie's Kneads

Ever since I moved Luckie's cat bed into the office, I keep seeing her "make muffins" all the time. Never saw her do it before, but just about every time she goes to lie down in the bed, she'll spend about 10 minutes kneading the side of the thing, slowly, like she's giving it a massage. I love watching her because she seems so contented.
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Some tiny people drink me under the table

I just can't get over what a lightweight I am when it comes to drinking. I just had an early dinner at Slice, with it one bottle of HardCore Crisp Apple Cider. And I am wasted! I mean, one bottle and I can't sit up straight at the table, can barely figure out the tip, just about make it across the street, struggle to get my key into the mail box... Just one! And I ate with it, it wasn't on an empty stomach. Oh, well. At least it keeps me from blowing money on a lot of drinks. The only time I ever go over two drinks is if it's free and I have lots of time to do the drinking, because otherwise I'd pass out or act realllllllly silly. This was true before I started on anti-depressants and it's even more true now.
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I Love James Brown and I'm Proud

So I've been listening to this James Brown greatest hits CD for two or three days now. Very happy I got it! Besides the few huge hits I already knew, I've come across some other gems.

Among my favs:

"It's A Man's Man's Man's World"
"Night Train"
"The Payback"

Hell, it's ALL awesome though!

Meanwhile, there's enough variety among the material that I can see some similarities found in some of his contemporaries and then the influence he had on generations of other artists. For example, two or three of the songs sound *just* like early Little Richard songs (and OMG do I love me some LR), while I definitely get a Prince vibe on a bunch of the them. I also have finally realized that one of my favorite bands in college, Make-Up (whoah, Wikipedia entry!), was very, very informed by James stuff. The Make-Up did stuff like "The Payback" but made it anti-capitalists and performed it sort of like Mods with a lead singer like Mick Jagger on a lot of speed.

P.S. Morrissey icon because I think Morrissey and James Brown are pretty far apart. But I love both.
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