January 28th, 2007

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Animal Planet has finally done something *different* and is airing a show about rats. It's fantastic!

Rats with Nigel Marven

I think they should make this the start of a series looking at vermin and/or other overlooked, "everyday" animals, like pigeons, squirrels, houseflies, roaches, etc. I would love it!

Meanwhile, this rats show is going to air a few more times. I highly recommend it, even if you *hate* rats, because the point of the show is that the show's host is none too fond of rats but learns to overcome it.
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Feeling very middle-fingery

The "neutral" mental state I've had the past couple of weeks has evaporated, leaving me in a funk. Not a very neutral funk either, but one where I'm negative, feel like crap and don't want to do anything. Last night and this morning I was unreasonably bitchy and argumentative around the boys. I wish I could just go somewhere alone and rage and stew and be upset for a few hours, getting *rid* of this black energy I'm plagued with, and then just come back to the world all clean and refreshed and nice again. Right now the answer to everything in my mind seems to be either "No" or "I don't care." Maybe I should care, but I don't. Ugh.

BTW, still have not heard back from that clinic at Emory, which was supposed to match me up with a psych doctor of some kind. I will be calling in this week to check on that if they don't call me first. It's been at least three weeks and they told me it would take a couple of weeks to figure out who'd be best to treat me. It didn't bother me when I feeling OK but now that I'm in the dumps again, I want help.
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40 lbs. ago...

I just copied all my old PictureDisc floppies to my hard drive and OUCH, check out this pic of me from 10 years ago, when I was on a biz conference trip to Orlando:

I still have those pants and that top but I can assure you they don't wear quite the same anymore. I also have that belt but I put it on the other day and it's 4-5 inches short. Eeeeeeeeeek.