January 29th, 2007

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Random-ass LJ Bugs

Anybody else out there experiencing these two LJ bugs?

1) Any time I go to update my LJ or post a comment, my browser is randomly selecting a userpic! Right now, for this post, LJ is showing my "ho" icon selected. (Changing that.) WTF? I keep forgetting LJ is doing this and then seeing my comments later with the most random userpics. Why, oh, why?

2) Friends-locked posts becoming public. For the past day, I've noticed my F-locked posts, which initially appear with the locked symbols, suddenly being public. I have to go in and switch them back again. One post I think I did more than once!

Also, anybody have a quick link to where I can to report / investigate these bugs?

I'm on the latest version of Firefox, if that helps anything.
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Good thing my middle is insulated!

Today at work I have the space heater on. I'm NOT a wuss -- it's 18 out today, out of the wind -- and this office is basically ininsulated and right by the main entrance to the market, with doors opening and closing all day. Brrr!

This is probably the coldest it will be all year. I saw ice on the streets yesterday and again this morning. I put another comforter on my bed, for a total of 5 layers on my bed. Personally, I like it! I can't deal with heat (or air conditioning) but this I can handle.
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For a super special Valentine's

I've been a fan of FlowerBud.com for years and also on their mailist list. Just posted:

Valentine's Market

These are exquisite quality bouquets -- huge bundles, shipping express mail, with ice, in bud form, so they open after they arrive and last a long time. I've sent and received FlowerBud bouquets that have lasted up to three weeks! Click here for complete list of flowers

These aren't cheap bouquets, but if there's somebody you love, somebody special, an anniversary or anything else, a great gift -- or something for yourself! I sent my mom flowers from FlowerBud 3-4 times a year because she loves having cut flowers. I sent her a huge tulip bouquet last week as a late birthday present.

In my fantasy world, I'd order myself one of the the Year in Bloom packages. OMG, that would be amazing!
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It hits me

Got home from work feeling good and hoping to put some energy into cleaning the main room. (It's picked up but not actually clean.) However, the fact I only slept four hours last night has caught up with me all of a sudden and I'm going to konk out.

Another cat?

OK, cat help needed.

I've been reading about cats like Luckie, and one of the things I've seen recommended, for a cat who's so fixated on her owner and uber-territorial, is getting a second cat. That way the cat has a playmate and someone else to go to for attention, companionship, etc. Anyway, I was talking this over with Daniel and Enrique last night and it led me to go check Petfinder.com to see if there were any young male cats up for adoption and...

Cappuccino (opens in new window)

OMG, gorgeous cat. Something about the two pictures instantly undid me. And he's the same age as Luckie and looks pretty small. So I sent the info to Daniel and Caleb, who both agreed with me, and then decided for the heck of it to call the animal rescue that has him. I talked to a woman today and while she isn't the one fostering the cat, she has the number for the woman who does. She also says she knows the cat is laid back and not very dominating with the other cats he's with. Anyway... I have the number and I could call and visit this cat.

While I was at work today I went and found different articles on introducing news cats into a household, and they all had about the same advice, like keeping them separated for a week, introducing them to each other's smells, not just throwing them together. The set-up of my condo would allow me to do that properly, which would be a must given Luckie's attitudes towards anything new or different or "outside."

Anyway, I could call the woman... and I'm really tempted to... but not having a whole lot of experience with cats, I worry that it won't work out. I don't want to end up with two miserable cats. So anybody who has experience with multiple cats, introductions, cats who are poorly socialized like Luckie, let me know what you think.