January 31st, 2007


Cat Update

Decided not to go forward pursuing that black cat I'd located. My life is rather in flux at the moment and it seemed unwise to attempt to add yet another thing, i.e. having to do the whole cat introduction thing, buying new cat supplies, having to get a vet appt., etc. Maybe at some point in the future when things are more stable I can look into it again, at which point I'm sure to find some other cats at the humane society or some other group listed in Petfinder.

Thanks to the two of you who recommended Feliway, the cat calmer. I'm going to ask my vet about it and get a prescription. I found a lot of very positive reviews of the product online. I see it's available in a plug-in diffuser form, which will work much better than those drops I bought a few weeks back. Luckie hates me forcing that stuff in her mouth. But if it's in the air, she has no choice, and hopefully it will also work better. She's so insecure.

UPDATE: marchenland informs me Feliway is OTC. I found it available via PetSmart and ordered it along with some other things I need. (When do I not need need pet supplies?)
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Drip drip drip

I sure know how to put things off. A few days ago, my showerhead started leaking. It must be losing 6-7 gallons a day. Anyway, I'm going to take care of it and have found a plumber I'm going to call tomorrow. As I was thinking about what I was going to say, I realized there are a whole bunch of other plumbing problems I can have addressed at the same time: 1) toilets that run, 2) hay in the bathtub drain (jeez, it stinks!) and 3) water heater that likely needs to be flushed, as faucets periodically spew lovely rust-colored water. My place is only 6 years old but I can't say the most quality parts were used. Oh, well. This drip is driving me nuts!
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That Winter Thing

Ooooh, we could get some nasty weather tonight, like ice or snow, at least a bit. I do hope we get it! I prefer ice over snow, at least around here, because it lasts longer. It's also pretty, especially when the ice covers Chinese holly and magnolias and all those other trees and plants around here that keep their leaves all year long. Anyway, fingers crossed that it happens, and of course that everybody stays safe when it happens.

Of course my pessimist side predicts:

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His Mission: Find Bee Gees

So today at the market security sends a guy to me at the customer service desk. As usual, I have no idea if the guy's going to be a total whackjob or is that rare person who actually is sane and normal. Well, let the transcript of the conversation inform you as to which category this guy was.

Me: Hello, how may I help you?
Guy*: Hi. What music is this?
Me: ... [Soul Muzak is on]
Guy: This music...?
Me: This is just Muzak we have on.
Guy: Ah. Can I buy it?
Me: Buy...?
Guy: I am looking for some music.
Me: Well, this is just a kind of radio.
Guy: Do you have Bee Gees?
Me: It's not on right now...
Guy: But do you have Bee Gees? I want to have Bee Gees.
Me: ...
Guy: Is there a place to buy Bee Gees?
Me: You want to buy some CDs?
Guy: Yes, Bee Gees!
Me: There aren't any music stores in here.
Guy: Oh. Do you know nearest place to buy Bee Gees?
Me: Hmmm. Actually there aren't any music stores anywhere Downtown.
Guy: Bee Gees...
Me: I'm sorry, sir, we really don't have that here.
Guy: Thank you.

* Noteworthy: Some kind of African accent. Which made it slightly funnier even.

I swear I wasn't trying to be thick, but hello, who walks up to the Customer Service at a city market, specialized in meat and vegies, and asks for Bee Gees?