February 1st, 2007

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It didn't ice or snow out, it just rained.

Also, I overslept by two hours, because somehow I forgot to set my alarm.


The rest of today ought to be better.
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Oops, cont.

Boy, this morning sure has been great -- not.

After oversleeping, I got in to work this morning and first thing I did was get lunch. Forget breakfast -- too late for breakfast!

Then I get in here and sit down to eat at the desk. Only when I go to rouse the computer, nothing happens. I normally leave it on all the time, since various other staff use it, so I figure omebody must've got on and turned it off afterward. I hit reboot but still, nothing happens. Aha, the monitor cable got unplugged again!

Alas, it's too late, because I've hit Restart and when I go in the drawer where I keep the login password for Win XP, I realize that Maria, our cleaning woman, was a little too thorough when she tidied the drawer last week. I remembered her saying she did that, but hadn't thought she'd throw out notes like that. What's the password? I remember part of it, but not all of it.

Great. So I eat my lunch, read the paper, and am just thinking about calling my boss Pam, who's not here today (why, I don't know) and ask her if she has the password. I know I emailed it to her a couple of times. But then, as I'm blankly staring out the window drinking my Diet Coke and feeling like a loser, the password magically pops into my head! Can it be right? Yes, it is!

I feel slightly better now. The password is now written down again and hidden in two places.

Cat Language

Turns out my boss is working at home today and since, unlike yesterday, the market seems calm to dead, I bring you...

Cat Language
Luckie, more than most cats I've known, makes a lot of different sounds -- not just meows, but barks and chirps -- and I think she develops new ones on a regular basis. Here are her sounds and my interpretation of what they all mean.

Attention Meow
This is a loud meow she'll make when she wants me to go to bed or get up in the morning, for example. This sort of meow is fun because she'll do "call and response" thing with me, getting louder and louder.

Question Meow
This is a meow she uses when she wants to know what I'm doing. It sounds like a question, kind of like "Mom?" She'll do it when I'm reading in bed (translation: "Hey, you're in bed but not sleeping! What's up with that? Go to sleep now, please?") She also does it a lot when she's on the bathroom counter and I'm trying to brush my teeth. I think she's asking where my brush is, so I can brush her, which is my fault since often I will brush my hair and then do hers. She'll headbutt me and keep going "Brush? Brush? Brush?" until I give in. But I'm a pushover.

Hungry Meow
Similar to the "attention" meow, only rather whiny and much more persistant. Often she'll have been doing it for a while and I'll think she just wants attention when I suddenly remember her bowl of food is low. Soon as I fill it, she shuts up, even if she doesn't eat any food right away.

This is probably my favorite of her sounds. She seems to do it mostly in the morning or when she's been sleeping. I'll come up and say "What do you say?" (her cue) and she'll kind of go "EhHH!" It's not a meow, but more like some informal cat greeting. If I do it back at her, she'll do it again, and again. I think it's her "I'm not awake enough to meow" voice.

The kitten sound. She still does this, looking up at me, after waking from a nap or something, and going "Meeeee-ooo-ooowww." It's never a continuous meow, but this high-pitched squeak. So cute. Translation: "Me so cute. Cute!"

Despite her size, Luckie has HUGE growl, which she's demonstrated numerous times in confrontations with Caleb and Daniel -- and, yes, me. If she starts growling, it's best to move away, because it means she'll about to swipe and try and wreck your face or whatever body part is most handy. She sounds like Satan or something when she does it.

Daniel does a great impression of Luckie's hisses. They seem to come from beyond just her lungs; she reaches into her lower intestines or something.

I've only seen this on a couple of occasions, and both times it was when she was really, really pissed off. One time was when Pugsley had been visiting and as he and Daniel were leaving, I was holding Luckie in my arms. She started barking and moving her arms like a boxer, kind of like "Wanna piece of me? I could whip your ass any day! Bring it on!"

There are a lot more sounds but without her here, it's hard for me to remember them.
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Drip, drip, drip, cont.

Called plumbing company I was all excited about and turns out they don't work on condos -- they're insurance won't cover them. Seems to me a shower or toilet is the same everywhere but oh well. They gave me the number for another guy, but I might just go back to Kudzu.com and find somebody myself, since the guy's number is 770. I'd rather have somebody who's closer and won't get lost trying to find my place or not be able to park his van.
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GIP! plus bonus rambling

Thanks to marchenland, who went on an icon-making spree, I have a new icon. I'm thinking of using it for posts that are "Notes to Self" but we'll see. For now, it's a rare instance of a use of "darling" that I like. (You'll never, ever hear me use that word myself!)

So anyway, in the Wonderful World of Wendy, things are not well. Just at a juncture when I'm feeling especially sleepy/out-of-it/depressed/foggy, I'm getting a barrage of stuff from clients and have all kinds of other stuff, like financial problems, to take care of. I swear, it feels like somebody opened up my head, stuck an electric mixer in my brain, ran it a few minutes and shut up my head again. Not that my head hurts (well, just a very small headache), but my thoughts are totally scattered and random. Today I was walking home from work and I felt half-crazy, with bits of songs running in one part of my brain, an imaginary conversation between fictional characters going on in another part, and arrows of to-do tasks shooting back and forth.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to *try* to stay focused and do work, then go to bed early-ish. Tomorrow I have my big interview at SCAD, so I definitely want to be as focused and with it as I can be. Fortunately I do have the ability to fake that, just like I can pretend to be perky and happy when I'm totally depressed and have a splitting headache. (I think I learned that in childhood, for survival purposes.)

Going off to try and clean up some messes before I get buried in them...