February 8th, 2007


Who knew?

Until I read it in the NY Times this morning, I had no idea former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I mean, I've always kept up with Mass. news via the Boston Globe but never did I see this mentioned. Of course, the Boston Globe is not the same as national media and national reaction, so in that world, religion is more important. Anyway, hmm, I had no idea. I figured he was a Catholic. It'd be more likely for the governor of Mass. to be Christian Scientist than Mormon. Anyway, not that this changes anything, since I've thought Romney was a prick from the start. (Not that being a Mormon would make him more of a prick. I'm just saying, my opinion of him wasn't good anyway.)

P.S. My favorite Mass. gov. was William Weld, one of those rare Republicans I actually found myself able to support.
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Pell's a lot like Tweety

Yesterday I caught Pell, who weighs all of a few ounces and fits in my hand, messing with Luckie again. I was on the couch and looked over to see where Luckie had gone and there she was, on the windowsill with her face by the bottom corner of the cage. Pell had jumped down there too and was right against the bars. I think she must've bit Luckie in the nose because she suddenly jumped to the floor. Pell is so totally unafraid of that cat, it's hilarious. She runs back and forth at the bottom of the cage, cat right in her face, taunting her in bird-speak.


I love how Luckie is completely compulsive about "kneading" her cat bed every time she gets in it. She never did this until recently, when I removed the outer cover and washed it. Shortly afterward I moved it to my office. Right now she's kneading the thing like crazy, that whole muffin-making thing cats do, with wide open paws. She typically does this for around ten minutes every time she decides to settle down, squatting on one side and then working on the opposite side. And she purrs soooo loudly while she does it, like a little motor, determined to give the cat bed a terrific massage.