February 10th, 2007

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So Mom called me this afternoon while I was walking home from work but it was raining out so I told her to call me later -- as late as she wanted to. At 11:55, she calls! Poor Mom and Dad... so worried about me. I guess I hadn't called in about three weeks, although I did send Mom flowers a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, Mom being Mom, she knew there was something wrong, so she coaxed me into telling her about my job and mental woes. I'm not one of those people who lay things on their parents and expect them to fix it or bail me out. Nevertheless, Mom kept telling me I could come home, like Andover is some kind of spa or something. I said, "But I can't just move, Mom!" and she was like, "Well, you can come stay for a while, you're so far away." Dad chimed in with "Free of charge!" *sniffle* I wish I could just crawl off to their house and hide for a while.

But anyway, I told them what's been up with me and Mom was more sympathetic about the depression than I expected. They were both happy I'm going to a doctor about it, even though Mom doesn't believe in drugs and told me to "be careful." Dad gave me some advise re the exhaustion, like asking for some help with my anemia and getting tested for blood oxygenation. Anyway, it teared me up to have them worrying over me like that. I told them I'm worried myself about all this. I promised to call once a week so they know I'm OK.


Meanwhile, on a non-sniffly note, three things:

1) Fondue party was yummmy! I ate a whole lot of bread and melted cheese.

2) Finished watching Grand Hotel (with Garbo, among others) this morning, watched the 1936 version of Camille tonight and am almost the end of the 1921 version of Camille (with Garbo), starring Nazimova, Valentino, and wonderful Art Deco sets! It's included on the DVD as an "extra." The two versions of that story couldn't be more different. So far it's 3/4 in and Nazimova doesn't seem very sick to me! LOL. The next Garbo movie in the set is Anna Christie I think.

3) Dad's been writing his autobiography! Mom wanted him to have something to do, so he's been sitting down an hour a day, at least the day he doesn't have dialysis, and has been writing. He's getting towards the end and it's 7-8 pages single-spaced typed. I'm going to be the editor when it's done and then Mom will have it printed and sent to everybody. I'm sure it'll be really cool to read. Dad tells awesome stories.
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From Crappy to Happy!

I'm too hyper-excited about it at the moment ot give a full account, but I just got back from a four-hour Food Shopping Odyssey with a new friend of mine -- unplanned until he called me around 9 this morning. Nothing but gourmet food shops, pastry shops, and antique shops! OMG! Towards the end I was getting overstimulated by all the awesome food I was seeing and taste-testing. And now I have some lovely goodies in the kitchen to put away.

*trembling with excited happiness*
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Day of Awesomeness!

At the risk of jinxing myself, OMG, today has been awesome! It's like I woke up in somebody else's life, or at least a much improved version of my own.

First thing: Outing!
Woke up around 8:45 and petted Luckie for a while. Then the phone rang, and much to my surprise it wasn't Caleb, but my new friend David, who I met through the market. He's a super "foodie" and is planning to open up a restaurant / food market in Atlanta sometime this year, location TBD. (He's also my new Gay Boyfriend.) Anyway, we'd talked up going out and doing something and so today when he was looking at his "agenda" he realized I might enjoy tagging along. And the agenda? Going out to food shops around the city! So, HECK YEAH!

I popped out of beg like a spring, had a shower, dressed, and flew upstairs to take care of my obligation to walk a neighbor couple's two dogs. They're such good dogs -- an old Golden Retriever and some sort of younger mixed golden lab or something. It was quite cold out but we made it to the park and they took care of their dog "business" so I was all set to go!

At 10, David was at Walton & Forsyth waiting for me and from then 'til 1:30, we went out on a Food Shopping Odyssey (with some stops for non-food items). Itinerary:
  • Morningside Market -- Weekly green market offering locally grown vegies (mostly greens this time of year), soaps, organic meats and today, fresh crepes. We both got arugula (me for the piggies).

  • Alon's -- City's best bakery, which the boys and I visit just about every weekend. Yummy breakfast; I had a scone, an apple tart and a bottle of milk. I stocked up on some sundries like fresh rye bread as well.

  • Teuscher -- Fancy chocolate shop across the street, where each of us got *a* treat. Mine was a dark chocolate fish, his was some sort of truffle. Mmm mm!

  • Belly -- On the way from the first three places (all right next to one another), we drove by this little "general store" David wanted to see, so he could check inventory and pricing. Both of us came away thinking it was an incredibly overpriced yuppie magnet (e.g. a jar of McCutcheon's dilled green beans cost $8, little bitty bottle of olive oil was $45).

  • Salvation Army -- We were going by anyway and David loves shopping used, too, so we went in. He found three really lovely crystal fruit bowls, $2 each. I found a really horrid hot pink fuzzy shirt but it was too small. But it was so horrible I almost got it.

  • Toscano & Sons Italian Market -- New food market & deli, very reasonable prices, rather irresistible foodstuffs. I got 1/2 lb. of Italian cookies (mostly pignoli) and a hunk of smoked cheese (Capiocolla?) that they had on sample and was delicious.

  • Pasta shop -- Forget the name, but this is a retail shop selling fresh pasta and imported Italian goods by this guy Franco I used to buy from / web site customer of mine. We didn't get anything, as David just really wanted to see it, after I'd told him about it.

  • ThrewOut the House -- Is that not a cute name for an eclectic antique shop? Little place on 14th St. I'd never seen before, probably new. It was like the shops up North, very crowded with all sorts of wonders. I came close to buying a very unique folding silver food dish but it was $28 and do I need to be spending money on antique silver right now? I think not. Meanwhile I got an idea of calling the shop Monday and seeing if they'd like to by my 50s dining room set. I really want to get rid of it and could use that money. That shop seems like it'd be a good setting for it

  • Chocolate Pink -- Sophisticated, chic little shop on Juniper St. I grabbed some (yummy Illy) coffee while David got a little box of truffles.

  • Arty aprons -- The art gallery next door had an exhibition of, I kid you not, designer *aprons*. It was for some sort of fantastic, rich diva who can't possibly really exist in any great quantity -- $450 aprons? Huh? What?

Finally we drove home, talking about plans for future trips, like the Scott Antique Market (he has a truck!), various farmer's markets, restaurants, etc. I was excited afterward and I wound up going on a cleaning frenzy (!) and watching the end of the silent version of Camille

Second Thing -- Financial & Career Counseling
A few days ago I told Caleb I realllly needed help figuring out my future, so this afternoon he invited me over. Over coffee and cookies, we wrote out a bunch of notes and discussed my financial state (a shambles, sadly!) and possible options as far as employment. He helped me sort of the top options and I felt much better afterward. I knew he would be able to help me!

Third Thing -- Dogs again!
I had to take the dogs out again afterward and we had a nice, chilly walk, over to Hurt Park. They're such good dogs. I fed them dinner at their place and read my paper.

Fourth Thing -- Creativity
Back home I decided to make some corn muffins to go with the dinner Caleb told me they'd be making / bringing over my place. Then I took out my paints and did a painting!

More Things!
So right now Caleb is over, making a pot of vegie chili, practicing French, and I've got on I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, one of my all-time favorite albums. Daniel is coming over later with some sort of dish, not sure what. We'll be watching either the Sci Fi Original Movie or if it sucks (as it likely will), something else on TV or maybe My Own Private Idaho, which just came in from Netflix.


Now I wonder... Is this the most manic episode yet? Or what?