February 11th, 2007

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Garbo Dies (Again), plus Frederic March

Just watched Anna Karenina. I think I might be reaching my limit on the number of times I can watch Garbo die in one week. At least in this one, the man didn't die, too, although I did have to watch Freddie Bartholomew cry for his mommy and Fredric March get all heartsick, even though the whole unhappy thing was his fault. I'm sorry, but Anna should have stayed with Karenin. (dharmagirl, it's just like when you said Keaton should have just stayed on the train in Our Hospitality, LOL.) And throwing yourself under a train as a means of committing suicide? Awfully, awfully messy! Next up: Anna Christie. I don't think she dies in that one, but I could be wrong. I honestly don't know the plot except she's an ex-prostitute. (Royalty, spy or prostitute is the rule!)

Meanwhile the part of my brain that remembers beastly amounts of old movie trivia reminded me that Frederic March starred in Death Takes a Holiday. Oddly, Netflix doesn't list it and when I went on IMDB, the "DVD Details" screen shows information on Meet Joe Black -- which by digging I discovered was based on the play/film. So I guess the 1934 movie isn't on DVD. I saw it on TV once and loved it. I think it actually used to get run on TV a lot, as my mom would say. Bummer! I will say, however, that a really great movie starring March that IS available is The Best Years of Our Lives, the story of vets coming home to a small city after WWII. It's not a fantasy tale, it seems very real. Bold stuff, especially give it did come out in 1946, when the issues were actually going on.
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