February 13th, 2007

video, dick in a box

Almost sounds like spam, but it's not

I'm at work and this is, which I'm convinced is dead serious, is in my work inbox:

Name: HanWoung, Lee
Email: hanwoung83.lee@_____.com
Pick-up Time:
Comments: Sir
This is Samsung Eng Company in Korea.
We are scheduled to go to Trinidad Tobago for a construction project in march.
So we want to order some food items like Chinese cabbage, potato, carrot, green onion, etc, from your company to where we’ll be staying in Trinidad Tobago.
I’d like to know proper procedures for us to do that, how long it will take and, if we can order, the prices for those food item.
Just in case if you can’t get the orders ,please let me know the other ways we can try.
Thank you.

So... he wants somehow for the market, here in Atlanta, to supply him and his friends with vegies for his trip to Trinidad? Huh? What?!