February 14th, 2007

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Forget the iPhone...

...here are cool electric thingies, actually sculpture by my friend/neighbor/client Tom Haney!

He's started out a new type of sculpture, electric-powered, to supplement his previous work types, which have been crank-driven, motor-driven, key-operated, etc. It's amazing stuff. Not cheap, but most amazing!

Electric Automata

You really have to view the movies to get the effect. Also note that every face, hand, sculpted bit of hair, gear, and cog is hand-carved.

Meanwhile, there are tons more pieces to view on the site. Personally, I love the drawers.


I'm up early because I have to be in to work at 9:30 to give some state agriculture folks a tour of the market. I don't have anything prepared but I always seem to do well with tours so I'm winging it.

Meanwhile I woke to a headache but I had a funny dream to contemplate...

I had bought some cat toys for Luckie and got hold of some live mice as well. Well, I was giving Luckie one of the toys when I noticed it was squirming, but it had no battery so... I opened it up and remembered I'd put a little kitten in there. I had forgotten about it but it was fine. Anyway, it was this really cute boy tabby cat with huge ears and a darker pattern than Luckie. So in the dream I start thinking "Oh, man, how am going to get rid of this kitten... Luckie will kill it!" But that thought only lasted a few moments, because the kitten was soooo cute and when Luckie saw it, she wasn't upset by it. She and the kitten started playing, and whenever she'd go to hide under a piece of furniture, he'd chase after her, wrestle with her, and she'd come out again. But there was no fighting, just playing. Ah, well, nice dream!

Right now Luckie is on the windowsill here in the office looking down at passersby. Pell is chortling to herself and one of the guinea pigs (knowing that once Pell is chortling, it means I will arrive soon with food) is squeaking for food. They will both start begging as soon as I enter the room. Aside from the fact they don't salivate, Pavlov should have used guinea pigs!
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Warning on Firefox AccuWeather Add-on

A few days ago I downloaded the AccuWeather add-on for Firefox, which shows current weather information, two-day forecast, weather alerts, etc., right in the browser. It's really handy but apparently a huge, huge memory hog. Ever since I set it up, my machine has been super sluggish, to the point when the "starfield" screensaver comes on, the stars aren't moving! I would restart the machine and things would be OK for a while but then the machine would get paralzed again. Anyway, I opened the Windows Task Manager this morning and lo and beyold, Firefox is using 300,000K memory! This explained much, so I disabled the weather thing and as soon as I restarted Firefox without it, things were back to normal. I guess if there's a lot of "weather" going on, I can turn it on again, but otherwise no, because it's nice when your computer works.
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I'm wearing all pink and black today. My tights are these pink polka-dotted ones I got in Italy and they're great except for the fact they're about a foot too short. (Definitely was a mistake to buy tights in Italy, because even the biggest are made for short women.) I managed to pull them up the bare minimum amount needed but then had to wear a girdle to keep the things up. Right about now I'm thinking that, sadly, they'll have to come off as soon as I get home. Can't take the pressure anymore!

I'm going to change to go work out anyway. I feel good today *knock on wood* and should have no problem getting myself over to the gym. I don't think I'm going to fall asleep, in other words :) Afterward I'm going to change into this pretty red and black outfit for dinner, because even if it's not really a date I'm going on, I want everybody to think it is, right?
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10 Things... About Luckie

It's the 10 weird/obscure/not well known things meme, only for Luckie!

1. Fussy about a lot of things, she never says no to tuna-flavored Pounce or her regular dry cat food. If I throw the things, she'll run after them like a dog chasing a ball. I also taught her how to paw them out of the can.

2. Loves greens -- not just catnip, but parsley, spinach, etc. I believe to some extent she's following an instinct to eat greens as a way of settling her stomach... but I also think she likes the fresh catnip Caleb gives her so much, she hopes all green leaves will make her feel as good.

3. Favorite sleeping position is curled in a "C" with her hind legs pulled forward way past her head, like some crazy yoga position.

4. Is convinced water going into the sink is actually some sort of animal she needs to "catch" before it hides in the drain.

5. Always jumps at the ring of the telephone, first hiding, then jumping over to it and meowing, because she thinks the call's for her. (Caleb fed this behavior by calling a lot when she was a kitten and asking to be put on speakerphone to talk to her.)

6. When she gets her weekly wet cat food -- meat or fish -- she goes up and laps up all the gravy, then leaves the rest of it until the next day, when she eats it like jerky.

7. Has to have her nails clipped twice a week, because damn if they don't grow back fast!

8. Sometimes responds to seeing or hearing animals on TV, but usually not to wild cats. She's been riveted by baby camels, however!

9. Will only sleep on her pillow on my bed, never on my pillow. This at least keeps all the fur to one side.

10. Has a neurotic fascination with any type of reflected light, including light bouncing off cutlery onto the ceiling, reflection of sun off the stove, etc. Sometimes I'll be cooking and she'll burst out of nowhere to pounce on the wall, where my pot is making a reflection. We never should've shown her the laser pointer...