February 16th, 2007

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Way back when...

Ten of my earliest memories...

1. Looking out the window of Oma's apartment in the Bronx, at this really ugly parking garage.

2. Crazy dream about being chased around by the two biggest pine trees in our yard.

3. Going in the closet of the bedroom I shared with my sister Carolyn and chewing on all her Barbies' legs.

4. Tormenting my sister Nancy's cat Puddlefoot.

5. Stopping up the bathtub drain with Sesame Street finger-puppets.

6. Visiting my sister Carolyn in the hospital after her spinal surgery.

7. Finding secret, inappropriate places to go pee.

8. Dropping (and accidentally killing) my brother Tom's hamster.

9. Wandering down to the kitchen late at night and discovering Mom and Dad ripping out the horrible vinyl brick flooring with a less horrible, but still 70s, flooring pattern.

10. Climbing up my mom's desk like a little monkey.
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Engrish Finale

Sign at the seafood place here at the market, where I bought some shrimp for the gumbo I'm making:


I am tempted to ask them if they need any new signs, since I often do make signs for various merchants around here, especially ones who don't know computers or aren't native English speakers.

Good Friday

In addition to having an all-around excellent and productive day at work, had a good few hours with Caleb after work as well. He was having his hair cut over in Inman Park and so I took the bus over to meet him. Afterward he had Daniel's car so we went to Whole Foods and then home to his place, where he made fresh pizza and made a salad. Then we watched a really good episode of Rome, all about Cleopatra.