February 22nd, 2007

ice cream

Pile it on, pile it on!

Jeez, of COURSE the day before I start a new job I am only going to get like 6 hours sleep. Reason being? I'm sub-contracted to do some data-mining for a housing study and I promised it would be in by tomorrow so the main contractors can use the data for their report. It took like 4 hours to do all the gathering, because I couldn't just get the data and export it, I had to download a million PDFs and copy the figures into Excel. And to make it fun, these were Atlanta crime stats. Which is SO exciting! Anyway, that's done and the other work is done, or it's done enough. We can do clean up later.

Right now? I need to figure out where Emory's HR office is so I can find it tomorrow. Also need to lay out some clothes and pack an attache case with some things for work, like maybe some snacks, MARTA bus schedules, etc. Ack! Of course, I shouldn't be surprised this is happening. This is the THIRD time I've basically, boom, all of a sudden gotten a job. My first "real" job, I was hired a week before school ended and I started the day after I moved out of Athens. For the ARC job, I was just minding my own business when ARC called, offered me the job and then said I had to come in the next morning for a training session. Now this. Just WHOOMP.