March 3rd, 2007

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Restless restless

Been up since 5:15, restless and thoughts racing. I think this week needed to be processed or something. I was also really hungry for some reason. Solved that by eating the last two slices of pizza from last night's dinner. Cold pizza for breakfast. Also played with Luckie for a while, since she was having a cat freakout anyway, running to and fro at high speed, making chirruping sounds. Maybe her mood is what made me restless in the first place. Just now I tried to calm myself by reading more of City of Falling Angels but my mind is still going, so I think I'll do crossword puzzles and possibly stupid games like Alchemy until I burn out.
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Nice place to wait

I'm at one of my fav coffeehouses in the world, JavaMonkey here in Atlanta, waiting to meet up with a guy who's going to explain the backend of a web site I work on. He's late. All I know is he's tall and has "almost no hair." 15 minutes ago I spotted a guy walking the other way, across the street, who looked a lot like my brother, so it could be that guy. I don't know how he could miss this place, as I told him the street, name of the place and that it's smack across the street from the MARTA station. Maybe he knows I have a good cup of mocha to entertain myself? Also, free WiFi. I should come here after work sometime; Emory has a free shuttle running right from Clifton to the station here. Hmmm... Anyway... waiting...

EDIT: WEll, turns out he wasn't late, I was just there a half hour early. He showed up at 11 and we had a nice hour and a half meeting. I know what I need to do to expand the backend database on my client's site. Apparently I understand much more about Perl and databases than I thought. The fact my brain is actually CLEAR these days helps immensely. I swear my brain had been covered in Silly String and molasses for months.
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