March 12th, 2007

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Oh, eBay, don't do that to me!

I am so bummed! I was bidding on this insanely cool Art Deco wall clock and checked it in the last 15 minutes, refreshing every couple of minutes to be sure I was on top, even though my top bid was $10 over the current price. Well, at 1 min. something I refreshed and then did it again 30 seconds later and boom, I was outbid. I tried again but the auction had ended. Wah! I barely EVER sit on an item checking like that and rarely get too disappointed, but this is a rare item and I really didn't think somebody would sneak in at midnight and grab it. I definitely want a clock like that one. Maybe I'll find an even better one, like out of oak.

Oh, well. The good news is that I did recently win this vintage Art Deco traveling clock (it works!), a lovely Victorian china cup, a Staffordshire china bowl and several vintage barrettes.