March 15th, 2007

ice cream

Peeves and Small Joys

During the shuttle ride to and from work, my mind gets to wandering...

10 Pet Peeves
  • People who walk too slow on the sidewalk and are oblivious and/or offended by the idea that other people might want to get by them.
  • People who stand on the left side of escalators. Clearly they don't understand escalator etiquette.
  • People not using their turn signals -- or having them on and then not turning for 2-3 blocks.
  • People who tailgate bicylists, revving their engines and honking, then passing around and cursing ("Get off the f'in road!"), as if they own the damn road.
  • Littering.
  • The fact that Atlanta is so bad about recycling and basically seems to have next to no environmental conscience about anything.
  • People who ignore their kids -- and I don't mean ignore, like ignoring whining, but bad ignoring, as in not listening to them or taking them seriously, ever, as people.
  • People who go to the post office without even having an envelope addressed, knowing the zip code, or having stamps, who end up at the P.O. counter for fifteen minutes doing it on the spot and causing a 50-person line.
  • People talking about where they "stay." I know it's a dialect thing and correct within its own form of language, but it bugs me. I don't stay at my place, I *live* there.
  • People who base their lives, like where they eat or shop, around whether they can park.

And not to be negative...

10 Things I Like
  • Friendly, helpful customer service.
  • Bus drivers who stop when they see you running down the sidewalk to a bus stop a block away -- or across the street.
  • Restaurant managers who send free drinks, dessert, etc. to my table.
  • Bartenders who understand what I mean when I say to make me a creative, sweet cocktail, and don't charge me $12 for it.
  • People who ignore hype surrounding restaurants and judge them on the food and service, not how cool or trendy it is, or what so-and-so critic said.
  • Guys who do "mommy duty" with the kids, like taking kids to the dentist on MARTA. That is *so* hot.
  • Airline pilots with a sense of humor.
  • Old, old women who get dressed up fancy, like it's still the 50s, to ride the 110 to get groceries, tottering home from their stop.
  • Baggers who do a good job putting my groceries into the bags I bring in. The baggers at the W. Peachtree Publix are the best.
  • People who say thank you.
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