March 20th, 2007


No time, no time...

...but I do want to note a few things, briefly:

1) I've been enjoying my job muchly.

2) My Mac is now my friend.

3) The dosage of medication the doc put me on is working out very well.

4) Caleb's kitty Sofi is very well socialized and mellow (and cute).

5) My hair's gotten so long I can now tuck it behind my ears.

6) I've begun to make a dent in the paperwork/bills problem at home.

7) Got my first Emory paycheck (well, direct deposit) the other day.

8) I'm going to be a guest lecturer at a GSU class this Thursday.

9) I can't believe it's Spring already.

10) I can't believe it's 2007!
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