March 21st, 2007

ice cream

My mom, she's incredible!

So last night I call my mom and after first telling her about what's up at my new job, we got into one of our computer conversations. Now some people, talking to their elderly moms, have got to explain what a URL is or that Google is not the same at "the Internet." (Hmm, or is it?) Anyway, with my mom, I'm there explaining podcasting, XML, the difference between Dreamweaver "Library Objects" and server-side includes, ColdFusion, and digital editing software... and she's right there with me, grasping everything, asking questions, and saying things like "I really need the new Dreamweaver... I'm on MX and it doesn't really handle CSS." I swear, even if my mom wasn't over 70, I'd be excited just to have somebody to discuss web tech stuff with, but it is my mom.

I really need to go to the Storycorps booth next time they're in town and talk about this particular thing, because it blows my mind how smart and with it my mom is.
ice cream

Mom-Daughter Snark Team

This is a good example of how my mom and I feed off one another :)

Mom's email to me and my four siblings:

    I'm looking for two things.

    1. Did anyone borrow the shop vac? Where did you see it last? My feeling is that is right in front of me and I'm looking around it.

    2. Did anyone see Dad's LLBean teal 3 season jacket. Dad has Bruce's which he said Betty or Bruce gave him. Betty did he leave his there or just picked up the wrong one?


My response:
    I admit it. I flew up to Boston, snuck into the house while you two were out of the house, and borrowed the shop vac, and Dad's jacket too, since it was cold out.


    Glad to see that feeling yourself again.



It's true, too, I've been feeling much better.