March 22nd, 2007

video, dick in a box

Caleb has a baby!

My dreams are always pretty vivid and wild, but last night's was that plus funny -- and included MPREG!

Here goes the retelling:

Caleb conceives a baby. This is, naturally, Daniel's fault :) Oddly, you can't really tell Caleb is pregnant, but we all know it. Anyway, apparently somebody is not ready for the first male-male conception or something, because I'm called upon to play defense against some sort of evil agent who's out to capture Caleb and/or the baby, once it's born.

So Caleb and Daniel run off into hiding somewhere while I'm busy covering their trail and risking my life so some big meanie doesn't steal their baby. Meanwhile I'm worried about the fact the boys have no clue about birth or babies and will need my help.

Sure enough, I'm there keeping the big meanie distracted, and finally lose him, when I check my mobile and there's an alert saying I have 100 missed calls, all from Caleb, and there are some text messages, too. I'm not in a position to call back, however, so the best I can do is go to LJ and check Caleb's blog. Sure enough, he's posted a pic of himself and the new baby -- which is, no kidding, some type of feline-human hybrid!

Finally I get myself out of trouble and over to visit the boys and the baby. By this time the baby looks more like a regular cat. It's black with white flecks and is having fun playing with Caleb's real, newly adopted cat, Sofi. Nobody would ever know it was actually Caleb and Daniel's baby!


My miserable cat

Once again, I'm feeling pretty concerned about Luckie. I have been for some time, but it's seeing how Caleb's new cat acts that reminds me again what kind of problems Luckie has. Over at Caleb's, I'm there with Sofi and she's constantly doing things Luckie would or has never, ever done, like sleep in your lap, just to name one thing.

Rather than coming out of her shell over time, she just seems to retreat more and more into herself. She not only reacts badly to visitors, but is less friendly to me and is certainly never friendly in the sense that an actual friendly cat would be, if that makes any sense. She'll hop on the bathroom counter to be brushed and loves her head and ears rubbed, but to rub her head I have to hold her down or else the avoidant part of her will run off.

She won't come out at all when Caleb and Daniel visit these days, but will hide under the couch or bed, petrified, and will hiss and growl at any and all who so much as look her way. The other day Caleb was over and Luckie was in the bedroom half of my place, relaxed, when I picked her up to show Caleb how she'd react to him. She was so tense and ready to spring I had to clutch her for dear life to protect myself from being kicked and scratched. She'd let me carry her around like that if we were alone, but with Caleb there, it's like she feels she has to be able to protect herself from some hideous enemy!

Lately I've been trying to give her more affection and playtime, since I'm now at work all day, but even though she likes that, she's getting even worse when it comes to other people. And the last time we brought her and Pugsley together, at Christmas, was a total disaster, with her hiding behind a bookcase all night, while Pugsley happily tromped around wondering WTF was up. Meanwhile I did a Feliway plug-in for the main room but it seems to have very little impact as far as her being more secure of her territory.

I don't know. I just wish there was some way I could bring her out so she'd be able to enjoy being a cat more, instead of spending so much time seemingly stressed out, tense and fearful. And that she might seek affection, instead of submitting to it like it's some kind of medical procedure. Cat behavioralist? Lots of catnip? Another cat? I dunno. But I feel bad for her and I wish I could help her. But maybe it's not possible. Here's a quote that sums up a concept I've come across several times:

No time can be lost when socializing a kitten, as the most sensitive period for socialization occurs during the kitten's first 4 to 7 weeks. This is the period when kittens most easily develop attachments with people as well with members of their own and other species. After this period, the ability to develop a trusting relationship with members of any species rapidly declines. If the kitten has had no human contact before it reaches 12 weeks of age, it is unlikely that the cat will ever live comfortably with people, though it may learn to trust its caretaker. - "Working with the Fearful Cat"

Luckie was 10 weeks when I found her, according to the vet's estimate, and while she did come towards us, I get the feeling she was living on the street.