March 24th, 2007

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Scuzzy Saturday

My building's air is down, so it's broiling in here. The piggies' cage needs cleaning, so it's stinking something awful. I stripped the bed to wash it and discovered a hideous stain under the mattress pad, which is supposed to be waterproof, so WTF it is, I don't want to know. Now that my shower's fixed, I went in and cleaned it and was appalled as the black filth all over the tiles. Set about unstopping the tub drain, which I thought was clogged with hay (yes, hay) and despite the fact I couldn't get the stopper off, I dug down into the drain and pulled out a really horribly rotted rubber seal that had fallen down. That's what was plugging the drain! I then cleaned the tub. Now I've cleaned the toilet and the surrounding tiles and it's better but still so disgusting. I'm sweating and stinky and the other room smells like hay. Ew, ew, ew!

The bathroom's done. I'm sure it could be cleaner, but it's as clean as I ever really clean it. Meanwhile I've been cleaning in and around the washer/dryer and discovered plenty of scuzz there, too. The units are in a closet and somehow all the wads of dryer lint seem to fall to the sides, out of reach, until I plunge in there with an unwound wire coat hanger. There were 25-30 wads of lint, enough to stuff a pillow, I'm sure. Add to that, I fished out 20 chewed-up Q-tips from under the wash machine. Luckie plays with them and then loses them under there. And I found a sock!
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