March 29th, 2007

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Well, I feel I've been very productive today, especially now that I just spent an hour or so addressing months-old bills and paperwork I'd let pile up. Then I had fun with the shredder! Meanwhile at work I worked on comparative analysis of peer web sites, dealt with two presses releases and a dozen emails from my supervisor, who's at some conference but apparently glued to her PDA. Plus we have a whole bunch of staff out of the office, so a couple media calls were routed to me, which was cause for some hemming and hawing but I managed.

Hmmm, and aside from all that? A few notes...

David and I are going out for dinner at Saba tomorrow tonight. Yum, in advance!

Daniel's got something very odd going on with one of his legs. The muscles in the lower half of one leg have gone numb and are just not responding right, so he can't walk right or lift his foot right or keep correct balance. He's very distressed about it and puzzled his doctor today. He's going to a specialized.

The head of my office told me last week he'd submitted my stuff to HR to start the process for making me perm Emory staff. I hope that stuff starts happening soon, because I really want health insurance and, oh, more pay and the benefits of an Emory card, like cheap membership in their gym, free admission to the Carlos Museum, etc. I will definitely query him about that next week.

Atlanta's in the midst of the annual Pollen Plague. I don't know about where you are, but here the pollen season's a few weeks early and the pollen count has been around 6000 the last few days. Over 60 is "severe" so what the hell 6000 is... well, it's not good! I'm not having any particular reaction to it, beyond a headache, but everybody around me seems to be suffering and ugh, *everything* is yellow -- cars, restaurant tables, benches, sidewalks. It hasn't rained in a long time, so it just keeps building up.

Checked the fares on AirTran for Boston in May. Looks like I may be able to get a good deal (like non-stop return for $89), so I'm asking my work if I can go on unpaid leave for a few days and visit my parents. I'll make puppy eyes and be sure to remind them that my parents aren't getting any younger, which is true.
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Anti-povery measure in NYC

This is an interesting proposal that, despite the fact it's proposed by a Republican, I think has merit.

Bloomberg Details City’s Antipoverty Experiment

One continual problem with efforts to combat poverty is that people make choices based on hard, economic facts. Perhaps being paid / given incentive to do the right thing, which in turn might help them lift themselves a bit out of the whole, is a way of doing things that would work.

And re Republican mayors, actually I can name several Republican city mayors I admire. Republican politicians at a statewide or national level, can't say the same. I did like the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, but according to national standards, he's a Democrat.
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2006, 2007

So I think 2006 was a suck year. I mean, really, it sucked. My financial balances flatlined, I landed a job but then couldn't go on vacation, my dad was hospitalized and nearly died, the job got stressful and I got fired, depression hit me something awful, my muse died, I started going broke again, and eventually wound up working in a glorified meat market. About the best thing all year was the fact I joined a gym and started exercising. That and a couple of trips I took, before and after the job.

But I digress.

So far, 2007 has been good -- knock on wood. Yes, I flatlined financially again, phone got disconnected, my health and homeowner's insurance got canceled, and my depression gave me a thrashing. But... I enjoyed my job at the market, Metro Girl got work and money, I made a great friend in David, I've been having a lot more fun socially, spending less time at the home computer, I got a new job that makes real money, I started paying bills, I've kept the house clean lately, and my depression is now under control -- knock on wood.

So fingers crossed, 2007 will be an upper!
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