March 31st, 2007


Luckie in duplicate

So last night David and I dropped by a Petco so I could get some pet stuff and in the cat adoption center, there were TWO cats that looked EXACTLY like Luckie! I sometimes see tabbies that look like her, but with much bigger heads, not heart-shaped like Luckie. But these two looked enough like her that I was wondering, "Could I tell them apart?" If I had all three cats, I'd put different colored collars on each of them. But gah, pretty cats!
sideview, obamame_sideview

As the results are tallied...

Caleb's busy doing my taxes. I would have had him do them earlier, but my papers were in such a state I was avoiding dealing with them. Meanwhile I am so sure I am going to owe some absurd amount, because I didn't file quarterly taxes on my Metro Girl income last year, because I thought I would get taxed through my ARC job, which I only had for six months -- and then MG made a bunch of money. I mean, I may have to pay my taxes with my credit card. Crazy! But this mess will be over with in six months, when I will have gotten it all in order again. And I promise to NEVER ever get myself in this kind of shit, paperwork-wise, or financially, ever again.

So Caleb's giving me a rough estimate of $4000 owed, federal. Greaaaaaaaat. I really can't believe the figure he gave for what I earned last year. What did I DO with it? Spend it all on restaurants? Clothes? On the guinea pigs?! Must analyze this. I was a bad Wiebke.