April 2nd, 2007


Wiebke's World! Wiebke's World! Party on! Excellent!

I swear, I've really been having a lot more fun lately. I feel like lately, instead of holing up here working or, say, watching Greta Garbo movies, I've been spending a lot more time out with friends, out shopping, walking around, etc.

This weekend, aside from some hours I spent sorting business receipts, I basically recreated, which would be usual for most people but not me. Friday after work I met up with David after work for dinner, shopping, and a bar. Saturday I went out to Alon's, got a hair cut, went over Caleb's, went to Atlantic Station with the boys. Then today I had breakfast at Caleb's, lunch with Amanda at Alon's, went over Caleb's for his birthday party (Daniel, David and Carolina were there, too) and later had dinner and watched The Descent over at Daniel's. A lot more activity and at least one additional person to hang out with.

Other stuff:

I got the best haircut yesterday, courtesy of Brenton, an ex-boyfriend of Daniel's who also does Daniel's and Caleb's hair. He cut down the length a bit, resulting in a seriously cute bob with a wonderful curl to it in the front that I can actually flip. So cute :) Will post pictures.

In the world of the cats, Caleb's kitty Sofie is very good, sweet and calm, Luckie's been a good girl (though totally psycho when the boys visit), and over at Daniel, his cat Pugsley is calming dealing with his mom's cat Osacito (?), who he's catsitting. Poor Osacito is old and having trouble adjusting, so she's lashing out at Pugsley with a lot of hissing, crowling, angry paw swipes and crazy wildcat noises. I think she'll get over it in a couple days more. Pugsley isn't reacting back much, but seems like he just wants her to act normal and play.

Really enjoyed The Descent tonight. Caleb and Daniel saw it at the theater when it came out but I refused, because the preview looked so horrific and it was done by the people who did Saw, which I couldn't watch. It turns out the movie is more suspense than gore and I'm not claustrophobic, so I didn't get scared. The "monsters" in that movie didn't scare me so much as fascinate me. I thought, "Whoah, COOL!" There were only a couple of scenes I really flinched at, like the woman having a broken leg bone reset and another woman having to perform a mercy killing. Anyway, two thumbs up!

Caleb did my taxes last night and I owe over $4000. Fortunately I have checks from my credit card that I will allow me to pay. I don't really want to rack up that debt, but I have no choice and the plan is that I keep my job and can pay off that card by this summer. And hey, I bet I'll earn enough BA SkyMiles just from that one charge to finish collecting enough points to go to England! Inside every dark cloud, a silver lining.
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Library as Social Service Facility

Boy does this article hit close to home!

America Gone Wrong: A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries into Homeless Shelters

I live a couple blocks from the main branch in the Atlanta public library system but hardly ever go there. It's not just that the collection is not what it should be and the staff are incompetent (checking a book out is a ten-minute ordeal), but that the place is, as this article describes, a de facto homeless shelter. Every time I go in there, I feel like I'm one of only about ten percent of people who are there by choice, rather than because it's my home-away-from-shelter. It's quite a bind, because nobody can really do anything about it if there's no disruptive behavior and it's a public building. But the environment of the place just doesn't make me, or other "regular" patrons want to stick around any longer than we have to. I'm tolerant of a lot of "city stuff," but even I won't curl up in a chair and read if the room smells like cigarettes and stale pee.
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Invasion of the Horde

For those who don't know -- lucky you! -- the NCAA Final Four is in Atlanta this year, which means, for people Downtown, hordes of invaders wearing garish outfits, causing traffic, and leaving beer bottles everywhere. There was a small riot across from Caleb's building, with cops closing down the street to traffic while they restored order. 80s Trivia at Slice was a wash-out, because even if it were going on tonight, no way would I do it surrounded by basketball fans staring at the flatscreens and drinking Miller. I look forward to next week, when things are back to normal.
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Some Random Pet Peeves

OK, here are some things, Atlanta-related, I just have to comment on:

1) There are all these cabs from the Yellow Cab company around town. They're all orange. Whose idea was this?!

2) Why are there so damn few Indian restaurants in town? Indian is the food of the gods, IMO. There are a ton of Indians living in the suburbs, mostly in Gwinnett, and there are Indian restaurants there, but there aren't many in the actual city. I would especially love Indian take-out.

3) Do guys everywhere hock phlegm on the sidwalk every block or is it just something I'm used to dealing with here in Atlanta?

4) For the benefit of sensitive eyes: Please, people, as the warm weather comes out and you put on those hoochie pants, watch out for camel-toe.

5) A red light means STOP. And even if you can do right on red, you can't do it if there's somebody in the crosswalk. Keep it up and your shiny SUV will get keyed.

6) Bikers, please bike on the street, where you belong, and not in the sidewalk, especially if you're one of those people who speed around and act irritated by people walking on the sidewalk.

7) Drivers, do NOT yell at bikers to "get off the f'in road" because, guess what, legally, in every way, they belong there. The idiots who do drive on the sidewalks are wrong. So are the idiots who weave between cars and don't obey traffic laws. That doesn't mean you should scream at law-abiding bikers.
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