April 9th, 2007


Crazy alarm, cat

I hate when I knock my alarm clock off the windowsill and it needs to be reset.

I hate even more when I reset it so the time is AM instead of PM, so in the morning it's PM instead of AM, so even though the alarm time is right, it doesn't go off because the time is wrong.

I do like that I had already emailed work saying I'd be late due to my allergy shot.


Meanwhile, Luckie was a little wacko-cat last night. I gave her this ping pong ball a couple of weeks ago and she hadn't played with it all that much... until last night, when she had a spectacular game of ping pong that went on for... jeez, an hour? I was drifting in and out during it. She was breathing hard, she was so into it. In fact, she finally got so tired she curled up in a ball right next to me and let me stroke her (sleepily), which is totally atypical. She normally only will sit on her own pillow or somewhere where she won't be touched and can easily escape. Aw. I guess when I'm mostly asleep she doesn't care :)
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Anybody a big user of Thunderbird? As some of you may recall from my past ranting, I'm a user of Outlook 2000 (yes, I know...) and my version has just about bit it. It takes 10-15 minutes to start up, which is why I leave my laptop on when I'm at work. Apparently Outlook can't cope with mailboxes more than 2 gigs and anyway the program is so crappy to use I don't even want to use it to pare down my mail. After a few weeks of using Entourage here at work on my Mac, I realize how incredibly crap Outlook is. So I'm looking at switching over. I know Thunderbird will let me do the import and I've heard it's got a good interface with useful features. My mom loves it! Any recs? Things to watch for?
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What's up?

Well, a few things...

1) I've just downloaded Thunderbird and right now I'm importing my old mail from Outlook. It's been going for 16 minutes now and is maybe 20 percent done. My first priority, after checking that all the files got through and the settings were imported, is going to be a massive clean-out. I've done massive clean-outs before, but that's because I'm an email horder and I also have a lot of emails with attachments. I've saved the attachments but keep the mail anyway. So, that'll take some work, for sure.

2) The dishwasher is having a rinse right now, empty of dishes but with a cup of white vinegar in it. Some advice I got off "How Clean Is Your House?" that I thought I'd try out. The dishwasher has been stinky for quite some time. I can't take the mesh filter to clean it (Kenmore designers, buy a clue) but at leasts all the muck will be freshened out now.

3) As of today, I'm gaining ground in the struggle to get all my Metro Girl and other business and financial backlog taken care of. I have a few more things to go yet, but at this point I'm feeling pretty good.

4) I'm getting back on board with my Immanion Press editing. Haven't done any this year except some work with Rosa Mundi and I really must tackle Fiona's. It shouldn't be hard, as her prose is golden, but I must DO it. So hopefully I will start tonight and make that a nightly activity all week so it's sorted out by the weekend.

5) Recently I've been getting back into the world of Wraeththu. I got burned out a bit and had taken a breather, but I've been rereading some of the books (especially The Hienama, which I adore) and even rereading my own fan fiction. One piece I wrote, the last story I completed, blew me away and honestly, I can't believe I wrote it. A lot of my earlier Wraeththu fan fic is too sappy and unrealiastic, but this last one was a lot more convincing. If I can revive that style and use it to tackle my Wraeththu novella Angry City, it would be miraculous!

And that's all for now, as Thunderbird still churns -- 25 minutes and it's at 50 percent.
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Mozilla has hooked me up

Outlook is gone. Well, it's still *there* but I don't have to use it anymore, because I've successfully set up Thunderbird, plus Sunbird for calendar and tasks, and then Lightning to integrate the two. I was able to export/import all my email and calendar (well, last two years anyway, why import the whole thing?). The only Outlook feature I can't figure out how to access elsewhere is Notes, although those are just text files. If there was something like Stickies for the PC, that'd do. Or if I had a working PalmPilot, I could access them through there. Anyway, for now I'm quite pleased, as the installation and set up of everything was very easy and this laptop will be relieved of the burden of running that old Office 2000 version of Outlook, which was such a relic.

EDIT: Whoah, I have just realized that my whole laptop is so much faster with Outlook closed. Everything is much quicker, like on my Mac at work. Everything -- Dreamweaver, Excel, whatever. *giddy*
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