April 15th, 2007

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Ugh, my aching head

Lately I've been waking *up* with a headache, which last more or less all day. I don't bother taking aspirin unless it gets really bad, like disabling. At least I'm not depressed.

eBay update

Well, the eBay selling seems to be going well. Got three bids on the Art Deco train advertising sign, which I posted a week ago and ends in a few hours. I wasn't asking a lot for it, I just wanted to get it off my shelf, where it's sat for years. Also got a bid on the wooden maze toy my mom gave me a few years ago as a gift. It's nice and all, but once you've done it a few times, there's no real point to having it around. So if somebody wants to buy it off me, cool!

Meanwhile, I'm trying AGAIN to tell off my 1950s six-seat dinette set and have one watcher so far. I'll get half a dozen watchers by the end of things. However, I'll be surprised if I get a buyer, as this is the third listing I've done for it so far, and because it's local-pickup only, people are just watching to see if it sells instead of actually bidding. I'd love to sell it, however, as I'm ready for an oak 1920/1930s dining room set, which would match everything so much better. And selling what I have will give me the cash I need to buy a new set, or at least buy a really nice antique table, if not the chairs. If I don't sell it this time, I think I'll send or drop off flyers to a couple of resale places around here asking if they'd like to buy it off me or help me sell it on commission. There are a couple of places in town that would sell a 50s vintage item like this.
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