April 16th, 2007


As Roy Orbison warbles...

Let me see if I can remember what I've been doing the past few days...

Friday night? I believe I went over Caleb's. Did I eat dinner there? I can't remember, but it's possible! I know I was over there and saw him and his kitty Sophie.

Saturday the boys and I went over to Star Provisions for breakfast. I spent the afternoon photographing and posting items for eBay, then gave the main room a thorough cleaning. I also made a pot of yummy vegetarian beef stew, using seitan. At 8 I turned on the TV just as The Great Dictator, one of my fav movies, came on, and so I wound up watching that. The boys were supposed to come over for the Sci Fi movie at 9, but they didn't show 'til almost 10, so I got to see all my movie. They were over for a while anyway, watching the second half of that movie. Daniel liked my stew :)

Sunday? I slept late (yay!), made deviled eggs, went over Caleb's for breakfast, and then went home and changed my clothes, since damn, it was a cold April day. Then I set off on a rather binge-y outing with Amanda. We went to Borders, where I got a techie book I've been needing, then got three CDs -- Paul McCartney's first solo album McCartney, George Harrison's Cloud Nine, and Roy Orbison's greatest hits. And I found Lawrence of Arabia on DVD for $9.99. It was in the bargain bin!!! After that we went to Whole Foods, where we both went bananas, me because I kept finding all this awesome food and cleaning products, Amanda because there were so many "Amanda-safe" foods that meet her special dietary requirements. We ate lunch there afterwards and then headed back to my place for coffee and chat, including a session of Wendy-shows-off-recent-clothes-buys. It was very girly and nice! For dinner I had some corn fritters I got at WF and then worked pretty much all night, while meanwhile listening to a lot of Roy Orbison.
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How did I do that?

I was talking with a neighbor the other day and mentioned that in order to maintain the partial academic scholarship I had in college, I had to maintain a 3.8 GPA, to which he was incredulous. Actually, I think it was 3.5 or 3.7, but in any case, I graduated with a 3.89 and made the Dean's List every semester, even when I was on exchange at UGA studying, among other things, Latin, French, drama, and web development. I think the lowest grade I got in 4 years was a B/C for a "biology of social issues" which was horrible and in relation to which I reported one professor for homophobic, racist and sexist bias. But anyway, how did I manage that GPA?! I know I studied a LOT and didn't drink or party, but still... wow! If I tried to do college now, I'd never have that kind of intensity and drive.
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Mommy article

Alternet's featured piece for today is this great piece by Leslie Bennetts, author of the new book The Feminine Mistake. Not only is the thrust of her editorial -- that women who've chucked work to be stay-at-home moms get very defensive when presented with views that reflect negatively on their decision -- one that really grabbed me, but her writing style is great. I know once I started in, I couldn't stop reading, which is rare for someone like me who often reads the first half of something and then takes off to read something else. Anyway, well done, lady!

Women Who Ditch Their Career for Homelife Could Be Making a Huge Mistake

I'd like to make clear that like Bennetts, I don't knock women who want to stay home and take care of their kids, but I do think women should go into that sort of situation with their eyes wide open. Just like they should if they decide to put their kids in daycare or become self-employed or make any other major life decision. You shouldn't just say "Oh, hubby will take care of me" and leave the thought process at that.

P.S. My mom was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years before she went back to college. Yay, Mom!
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Killer app -- in my dreams!

This recent dive into more technical work has even turned my *dreams* technical -- last night I dreamed up a killer open-source software application!

The software was a productivity tool that would essentially track your computer activity and then let you go back and figure out what you did, repeat what you did, find web pages you looked at, files you used, etc. You can do this already using a variety of different tools, but the key to my software was that 1) it puts everything in one place and 2) its interface isn't doihg things in a stupid Microsoft-way, but in more of an iTunes way.

In fact, I'd say my brain based the software on iTunes pretty much, except instead of playing, tracking and organizing different types of files and media streams, it would handle broader concepts, with "Playlists" of related tasks, like common emails, files you look at a lot, etc. To create the playlists, you'd select from your activity history and drag them over like you do in iTunes.

And, on top of this, you can even use the app to set up macros, where you record you activity and then press "Play" later and it will repeat the action, e.g. go to email, start a new email to your boss using a template.

I want this thing right now!

So how do I sell this idea to somebody? Because I'm not a software engineer, by a longshot.

P.S. It's not atypical for me to dream about software interfaces, whether it's HTML code or Photoshop or blogging to games like Bookworm. I've also had a lot of dreams where I'm reading or editing for the whole length of the dream.
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Universal - Get a Sense of SCALE

Thanks to Digg and LifeHacker, I'm being pointed to entirely too many cool web sites. Still, this ranks high:


I admit I had to visit a couple of times before I figured out the interface, but basically just watch the introduction, then mess around with the scale to compare yourself to, say, the Universe or, maybe, an atom. It's pretty awesome.
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