April 18th, 2007

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NY Times, Sophie, Travel

I'm going to be converting DVDs to MPG (and then to Flash movies) for at least a half an hour, so meanwhile, a few updates!

N.Y. Times Interview
As reported late last night, a reporter from the N.Y. Times, which everybody knows is my favorite paper, got in touch with me. Now, usually reporters who call me are calling in relation to some rather cliche topics when you're talking about me: car-free living, MARTA, downtown Atlanta, fan fiction. But this was different! This reporter is doing a piece on reaction to The Feminine Mistake, the book I mentioned on LJ the other day. And she found me... through LJ! Yup, Times reporters googling blogs I guess, looking for non-experts with opinions. Anyway, she emailed, I sent my number, and this morning she called. I guess we talked around 20 minutes. I felt like such a feminist geek, citing The Second Shift and a couple of related NYT articles on work-family balance. I'll be sure to check online to see if my quotes end up in the article.

Caleb's Kitty
Sophie is a very nice cat. She reminds me of Caleb's mom, something Caleb agrees with. She's very gentle, snuggly, doesn't cause trouble, and has this amazing ability to become invisible -- her fur is so black, you just can't see her. Nothing seems to bother or spook her or get her mad, so she's quite unlike Luckie in that respect. Luckie is such a stress case, while Sophie is aware of her surrounding but doesn't act like she expects a monster to eat her any second.

Caleb's talking about going on a couple of trips. I hope we do, as my traveling feet are so itchy. One place mentioned so far is Montreal. Caleb and I both have earned enough Delta SkyMiles to go there free. And Caleb really wants to try the croissants there. If I can't get time off for Europe, at least I can do Europe-Lite ;)

And now somebody's made microwave popcorn and I'm so distracted I'm going to post this puppy.