April 23rd, 2007


Catching Up: Weekend, eBay, Montreal

As I wait for my sheets to dry in the dryer, a recap of my busy weekend and other sundry things I've neglected to mention...


Friday night Caleb and I met up for dinner in Emory Village (Saba rules!) and then went to the Schwartz Center for a free performance of Carmina Burana, one of my all-time favorite choral pieces. It was done by Emory's chorus and orchestra together, plus two opera soloists. Afterward Caleb and I went over to Paulo's in Va-Hi for gelato, then we went over to Publix so I could pick up some food for Saturday's trek.

Saturday was spent tooling around in the North Georgia Mountains with David. We didn't really plan where we were going but managed a nice day out nonetheless: a lot of windy, windy mountain roads, breakfast in Blairsville, lounging around and picnicking at a beach on Blue Ridge Lake, leisurely drive through Blue Ridge, Elijay, etc., stop at a crazy Appalachian flea market, and ice cream at this awesome place called Panorama Orchards. On the way back to Atlanta, we stopped at the Good Will in Sandy Springs, and once we were back, it was beer at The Spotted Dog (an actual pub!) and dinner at Baraonda. The whirlwind day and a slight sunburn wore me out and after getting home at 7:30, I crashed around 8:30 and slept until 10 Sunday!

Besides the driving I described in my earlier post, Sunday was spent doing some hanging out at Caleb's (he had yummy risotto leftovers), packing up stuff I sold on eBay, posting more items to eBay, watching a couple episodes of the BBC's What Not To Wear, then doing a lot of cleaning and laundry.


So the items I posted last weekend ended up selling quite well. Over half of them sold and one of them sold for "well over estimate," as they say on Cash in the Attic -- a book of Art Deco posters sold for a whopping $28. The starting price was $5 but apparently some people really wanted it. Meanwhile I posted 8 new items today, including a few that are sure bets, like aquatic shoes and a 1950s interior decorating book. I think I'll try to get in the habit of eBaying off something or other every week, as a way of clearing out my house and earning some cash (to spend on eBay and bring more crap into the house, LOL).


Well, it's official, I'M GOING TO MONTREAL! Whee! Caleb has been itching to go somewhere, and tonight he arranged the tickets. We'll be going up Memorial Day weekend. My duty is to find a nice B&B, a task I've already started on. I'm looking forward to crepes and/or croissants for breakfast. I think this trip will be great, oui oui!

Restless Wiebke, Restless Luckie

Woke up around 4:15 this morning with a bad case of the twitchy-wiggles, or whatever you want to call it. Meanwhile Luckie had found her ping pong ball and was having a ball batting it all over the house. So I got up and did the LA Times crossword, which I'd saved from the Sunday paper, then did a couple more crosswords online. Meanwhile Luckie decided to do the mad-dashing cats sometimes do, speeding like a cheetah from office to living room to bed, chasing some sort of imaginary prey and I guess exercises her pent up wildcat energy. Beware, prey animals: today she's ready for you. Anyway, I finally fell into a restless sleep around 5:30. It's a good thing I slept 14 hours Saturday night I guess.
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Another Beatles cover... by Goldie Hawn

BeatlesRadio is playing a jazz interpretation of "Hard Day's Night" and it says the artist is Goldie Hawn. I'm thinking, THAT Goldie Hawn, or some other chick? It's actually not a bad cover, as the song's been transitioned to jazz pretty nicely.
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Tomorrow, the SQL

I spent half my workday installing and locationg tech tutorials on running MySql on a Mac, to run in conjunction with ColdFusion. I had to finally stop because my brain started lurching in protest. Fortunately this was right after I located a "holy grail" type article that seems to offer up exactly the type of explanations and instructions I was looking for. I'll start on that fresh tomorrow.
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Help Battle Pancreatic Cancer

A few years ago a co-worker of mine, a lovely, vibrant, strong, smart lady named Lea, lost her dear husband to pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the type of disease which, if you have it, is pretty sure to kill you. After going through the medical system with her husband and ultimately losing him, Lea took up a career doing holistic therapy work -- and activist work to improve the lives and treatment options for people with pancreatic cancer.

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Lea's husband was a physicist at Georgia Tech, in case you wonder at the red-headed babies with physics aptitude reference ;)
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