April 25th, 2007

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God bless Ebert

I love Roger Ebert, even when it comes to how he conducts his life:

Ebert says to HELL with what anybody thinks, I'm going to my film festival!

People have warned him not to go, that there'll be papparazzi and gossip and pictures showing the damage from his cancer and related medical problems -- he had part of his jaw removed and he currently can't speak -- and he's like "Well, they'd best get over themselves."
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Food for thought

So do you think The Edge spends his free time playing Guitar Hero? And if so, who's his gamebuddy?

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Not bad for somebody with a BA in Journalism, LOL

For the past several days I've been impressing myself by somehow managing to teach myself ColdFusion and start on the design of an online, database-driven photo database. I've been doing a couple hours work on it every day at work, when I'm done all the urgent stuff and have chunks of time to work with. Every day I've gotten a little further and a little further.

I'm building it from scratch, developing it locally for now using Dreamweaver, ColdFusion Server, MySQL, and CocoaSQL, a nifty program that lets me manipulate the database. This afternoon I finally got to the end of all the troubleshooting I had to do just to get all the basic parts set up, but at the end of the day, I had a ColdFusion page that automatically displays a dataset -- a set of test pictures from the database , along with meta data like date, artist, notes, etc. -- on a web page. When I update the database and refresh the page, the page is updated. Right now for a test I'm doing a gallery of some of my European vacation pics.

One particularly cool feature is that I've design the gallery pages so they aren't calling in the actual graphic files, but are referencing a URL path and then there's a variable pointing to the file name. This will work for both the thumbnail and the full-size pic. All you do is upload the pics into the directory specified by the code and the page will render in the graphics. Anyway, I like the fact that the graphics won't be in the database, because it's a lot easier to manage that way.

After work I was so jazzed up about all this that I sketched out plans for the rest of the system while I was out eating at a restaurant. I think I know how I'm going to set up the gallery pages, search function, category jump menu, individual record pages, even the admin bit, which will let our people upload the pics and enter in the data, plus maintain the database by removing pics, updating the data and such. I won't be able to implement everything at once, but will go in phases. Still, as soon as I have the gallery part working how I want it, I'll be very proud to show it off to the head of Publications, who asked me if this was something I could do.

From thefridayfive Gender

Wow, this is a good one!

1. How are you stereotypically female?
Let's see... 1) lousy math skills, 2) will do anything for chocolate, 3) love to bake cookies and host parties, 4) machines (except computers) intimidate me, and 5) I have over 20 pairs of shoes. There's more, of course, but I'll stop there.

2. How are you stereotypically male?
He he, this is a good question: 1) I fart a lot, and not that discreetly, 2) I'm kind of a slob, 3) I have no prob with bugs, insects, reptiles or other "creepy" animals, 4) I enjoy doing difficult "macho" stuff (like carrying 75 lbs. of groceries for a few blocks), and 5) I enjoy roughhousing with dogs.

3. What parts of you do you consider unclassifiable as either gender?
My sexuality and social skills.

4. Do you think you are primarily male, female, or neither in characteristics?
More female than male, but given that at one time I thought I actually *was* a man, I wouldn't say I'm too stereotypically so. I accept that a lot of the stuff I do and think does have a female bent to it, but stuff like have a really high tolerance for gross stuff and, well, liking hot chicks, puts me somewhere else on the scale.

5. If you could be born as any gender, knowing the gender prejudices as they are now, which would you choose to be?
A hermaphrodite, but a fully functioning one. Of course I'd have to be able to choose my parents and doctors so they don't mess with nature, but this is a fantasy, eh?