May 2nd, 2007

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Some things spellcheck just doesn't catch....

Just spotted this amusing typo in a headline on AlterNet:

Study: NBA Referees Call More Fowls Against Black Players Than White Players

Update: Got this email back: "Oh my! That comes into our site as a wire feed from the
Huffingtonpost. I've fixed it -- thanks for bringing it to my attention."

See, this is truly interactive news!


And meanwhile, is it coincidence that in the same week there've been stories about discrimination like this -- in Georgia, it's who gets stopped while driving, and in this instance it's who gets fowls fouls. In the former case, my reaction was a big "Duh! That's years from 50 years ago!" but in the second case, I can see why that info would only turn up in a true analysis.

(And meanwhile meanwhile, I'd like there to be a study of how many white people in Atlanta get left at the curb by MARTA bus drivers who just drive by the bus stop, never dreaming the white person wants to get on the bus. Yes, REALLY, this has happened to me.)
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Heat leads to these thoughts....

Let me announce that it is now offically TOO HOT again. Sigh. It was nice to have a reprieve for a couple of weeks but alas, the bad part of the year has started. It's going to be TOO HOT until at least September and as we all know, it will get worse before it gets better. Today it's in the 90s and the air quality is only in the "orange zone." This summer things are going to be hellish.

In the meantime, it's frustrating for me that there's no easy way for me to pull my stakes up and move -- not just due to the weather but a whole combo of reasons that have been building for years. Before I move, I need to:

1) settle all my debt;
2) save up a sizable amount of money;
3) sell my condo;
4) get a job somewhere else;
5) get a place somewhere else; and
6) move.

Doesn't have to be in that exact order, but those are all major things that would need to happen. For me, the hardest one is actually 3), selling my condo. After my experience selling the last one and knowing how long it takes for units in my building to sell, my expectation is that it would take a year. I would probably have to stay living there during that time, because unless something very out of the ordinary happens, there's no way I could pay for another place and that one at the same time. Maybe I could afford to put a ton in storage and get a tiny apartment? I don't know.

Anyway, I'd estimate that it'll be two years before I can seriously, SERIOUSLY, get my crap together to move out of here. Fingers crossed I keep this job and my health so I can do that. The good news is that I do like the job I'm at now and the longer I'm here, the more fun I can have with David and the more hoochies I can watch.

Where to? My top choices now are Chicago, IL or Albany/Troy, NY. I'm also quite attracted to Caleb's hometown, Bennington, VT, but I don't know if I'm really cut out for that much of a change in lifestyle. I'd also love to live somewhere near where I grew up, but real estate prices and general costs are so expensive, the other places look a lot better. I could buy a lovely townhouse or house in Alabany and get a great condo in Chicago, but in the area where I grew up, I could maybe afford to live in somebody's garage, LOL.

P.S. And yeah, I know many Southerners (and others living here in the South) are all happy about the heat. I never could understand the attraction. Over 80 is just gross.
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"Australian" Landmarks, or Boy, Are Americans STUPID

This made me LOL so loud I woke up the cat, who ran for cover under the bed.

My favorite bit is when the one guy observes that there's no railroad on the map -- to reach the Taj Mahal, which you know is in central Australia -- and the Austalian guy says not to worry, they've got the Trans-Siberian Railroad. And the American guy's like "Oh, OK."