May 3rd, 2007

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Keyboard waffle iron

Don't mean to be intruding into murnkay's territory, but come on!

The Keyboard Waffle Iron

I think this should be accompanied by something shaped like a mouse. And candy shaped like flash drives! (Note to thespian, if you're reading: Yes, I still have that box of Necco Valentine's Day candies shaped like floppy discs and printed with "hip" net phrases. Unopened! They are such rare treasures.)

OK, back to work...
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Obviously they neglected to feed the god

With a couple of brief exceptions, my main email (Abraxis) has been down for around 3/4 of a day now. Support tells me they're working on it but damn, it must be some problem to last this long. The good news is they say all mail is in a queue so I won't lose it.

Bonus trivia for Wraeththu fans: The character Abraxis in Ghosts was named after my email. Which was named after a god but Storm took it after sending me so much email :)


So Caleb's going to be in Alabama for most of next week and while he's gone, his cat Sofie will need caring for.

Tonight Caleb brought Sofie over my place again and I must say, they get along better than Sofie got along with Pugsley. What's funny is that Sofie is much more upset by the guinea pigs (who *scare* her, no idea why) than she is by Sofie. She's relaxed around the house, sitting wherever she wants and not stressed out, seemingly. Luckie hides from her but isn't nearly as evil as she could be. She's far less defensive than she is around, say, Pugsley.

Anyway... point being... we were talking tonight about how maybe Sophie could stay here at my place for a week, instead of staying along at Caleb's and then only getting a "visit" from Daniel or I every day. I think Sofie would be fine with it, especially since she'd have her own litterbox and not be nearly so lonely. On the other hand, I wonder if this would be too stressful on Luckie. And I wonder which cat will get to sleep with me, because they'll *both* want to and I can't imagine then *both* in the bed.

We shall think it over.

Warning: May Contain... ?

So I'm cleaning out Luckie's litterbox and see something green. Ooh, she ate a rubber band! Then there were these other things I couldn't identify. Like pompons but not. No idea. Jeez. Much as I hate cat poo, maybe I should look at hers more closely.