May 4th, 2007

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Mom's body, dad's face

I am such an amalgam of my parents, in so many ways.

One the one hand, there's my licorice fetish. Which is all Mom, 100 percent. We used to down whole jumbo bags of Nibs on the way from the convenience store by Oma's back to our house across town. Now, thanks to me and my travels and online buying, we're both feasting on imported European makes, like Saltige Herringe, Dutch salt licorice, and little pastiles from France.

Then there's my crossword addiction. Dad, all the way. He did the NYT puzzle every day for years. I still haven't really finished their puzzle ever, but I do 2-3 crosswords a day, including the daily paper's and two online ones I either do online or print out to do at lunch or in bed. They are really easy once you start doing them a lot. (Can I do Sudoku? Are you nuts? No way!)
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Those Five Things...

First: fridayfiver

1. Do you gamble?

2. Have you ever rode a horse?
Yes, albeit only once. Loved it!

3. Do you drink alcohol?
Yes, 2-3 times a week lately. My fav drinks are sweet cocktails, fruit beer, hard cider, various wines, mead and -- oh, nevermind. I despise certain types of hard liquor and hate margaritas, but a lot of other stuff, fine by me.

4. What is your favorite Mexican food?
Burritos. I've often said that burritos are the perfect food. My favorite in Atlanta is the "Thai Tofu" at Raging Burrito.

5. Friday fill-in:
On Saturday, I plan to ____.
On Saturday, I plan to volunteer my time cleaning and painting an elderly person's home and later playing, drinking and having fun at Outworlders' Game Night. And I'll clean my house and stuff in between the two.

Now, thefridayfive

My life would not be the same without this:

1. song/movie/book: Wraeththu
2. person: Caleb
3. place: New England
4. event: spending the summer of '92 in Germany
5. self indulgence: staying up 'til *I'm* ready for bed.
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Relatively speaking...

I was just thinking how I have no relatives in the South and also about the fact that I just don't have a whole lot of relatives, outside of my immediate family, as my mom was an only child and my dad's brother and sister died and so have all my grandparents. So I decided to ask:

Poll #978920 relatives

How far away is your closest relative (sibling, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)?

Same house
Same town
Same state
Same region of the country
Whole different region of the country
Whole different country
None living

Which of these relatives do you have living?

Great-grandparents/s etc.

Apologies! I forgot to add the obvious, CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, et al., to the poll. Duh! What an idiot. If I could go back and revise, I would. Sorry!
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