May 6th, 2007

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Wendy gets lucky... Wii Bowling.

The weirdest thing. I was at Outworlders' Game Night and, noticing that for once nobody is playing with the Wii, I get up to try it out for the first time. I pick Wii Bowling and, except for the first frame or two, play four games in which I bowled strike after strike after strike! In TWO of the games, I got 10 STRIKES IN A ROW. My scores were 263, 268, 268 and 280. I was totally wacked -- never played with a Wii before and somehow I found the perfect sweet spot so I just could not screw up. The bowl just went straight down to the head pin every single time and on the couple of occasions only one pin was left standing, I just move a couple steps to the left and bowled it straight in. It was like I had supernatural bowling powers.

Anyway, that was f'in amazing. Next time Game Night is at Robert's, I may try to find somebody to play against. I would have tried tonight but my wrist got sore :)
sideview, obamame_sideview

This'll be interesting!

Sofie is staying at my place through Friday. This should be interesting. Oddly, she's paid much more attention to my bird (wants to eat it, of course) and my guinea pigs (scared of them, surprisingly) than to Luckie. They keep looking one another over and growling a bit, but there haven't been any bad confrontations. Meanwhile Luckie's food and litter has been moved to one side of my condo, Sofie's to the other, so I can separate them if need be, like at night, and they'll be provided for.

Update 3 hours later: So far, so good. The females have take a separate-rooms approach. The door is open between the bedroom and the main room, but Luckie has mostly stayed on her side. Sofie's been in my office as well and Luckie was here too and it was OK. They hiss and growl a bit but it's nothing awful. They mostly just watch one another. And a good sign is that Luckie isn't hiding like she does from people or from Pugsley -- she stands her ground, even if it's in the next room. Right now Sofie is sleeping on the couch and Luckie's dozing on her pillow on the bed. They've both been eating and uses their litterboxes and are calm. Who knows what'll happen at night or while I'm gone at work, but for now, they seem to have come to some kind of peace.