May 7th, 2007

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Cat Drama

I wish I had webcams set up at home so I could see what the cats are up to right now. Hopefully they're minding their own business in separate rooms, Sofie has already tired of the bird and neither of them have added organic matter to my floor.

Last night they started this whole compete-for-human's-attention thing that got me super stressed out. At one point I had Sofie sitting on my keyboard and Luckie under my chair, both of them hissing and growling at the other one and pawing me any time I tried to get out from between them.

Even better was over night when Sofie hopped in the bed. I didn't want her taking Luckie's spot so I moved her down to my feet. But then I wondered where Luckie was. I found her and stupidly picked her up and put her on her own pillow. Well, for the hour at least, they both sat there, one at my feet, one at my head, growling and hissing at one another ("Bitch, this is MY bed!"), and at me, any time I turned over to try and sleep. I didn't know how to end it beside chasing off both of them. Ugh! Finally Sofie ran off, which I guess means she lost the battle of wills, but I still didn't sleep because I had soaked up their tension or something. I think tonight I will just let whatever happens happen and assume that whatever cat gets in bed first wins.

Man, am I TIRED. The fact I had to get up at 6 a.m. to get to an employee orientation at 7:30, after not really sleeping last night has everything to do with it.

One cornered cat

So I come home from work and Sofie right away runs up to me, all happy and squeaking. I lie down on the couch and she lies on me, getting a thorough rub, just loving that I'm home. After about ten minutes, I get up to go find my cat. Luckie is nowhere to be found. Finally I go in the office. I don't see her right away there either. But then I hear a pathetic squeak. And another. She's wedged herself into a tiny ball behind the file cabinet, right on top of all the power cords for my computer systems. And she is shaking and pathetic. For a couple of minutes she came out but soon she she Sofie all the way across the bedroom and then it was hiss-hiss-snarl-bark. She won't come out.

I would love to know what Sofie DID to Luckie while I was gone today!


Just like last night, I'm home and feel horrible. I think the cats have something to do with it, like their animosity toward one another is mentally stressing me or maybe somehow their pheremones are making me feel really weird. I'm hot, my stomach is in knots, and I'm really anxious, racing thoughts and all that. Or I could just have a stomach bug. In any case, ugh, ugh, ugh.