May 10th, 2007


Cat Update

So it's Sofie's last night here and I swear she's gotten cocky.

First, she's tearing up my armchair, which I guess is her attempt to mark it.

Second, I took her for a walk down the fire staircase and I swear she deliberately ditched me and ran *up* six floors, so that I had to go *get* her.

Next, back here, she must've finally gotten over her loathing of the guinea pigs because I heard some kind of tussle and then Sofie yelping. I have no proof, but I bet anything YinYang nipped her on the nose.

Then I caught her eating Luckie's food -- three times.

Now Sofie seems determined to overlay herself anywhere Luckie has been. She's gone behind the file cabinet, into my armoire, and sat on Luckie's pillow. And she just keeps innocently prancing into "Luckie's" half of the place like she has no reason to worry.

During the day I've been keeping the door closed between the two halves and I close it again when I'm here, if Luckie needs a rest. So Luckie's seeming more calm but yeah, generally she's been spending her time in her "bunker" under the old broken chair in the corner of my bedroom. She'll creep away from it if the two of us are alone and the door is shut (and rub against me and meow and want to be brushed and roughhoused with), but otherwise, she sits huddling there.

I suspect I'm going to drowned with Luckie attention tomorrow night once the other creature is gown. And Luckie is going to do a *lot* of marking.


One thing this experience has done is to confirm that Luckie's personality is just not warm and fuzzy and confident like some cats'. Where Sofie and Pugsley both seem very confident, relaxed, and friendly, *wherever* they are, Luckie is pretty much hostile, antisocial and "on edge" no matter where she is -- her own lair, somebody else's, doesn't matter. You can plop down Pugsley or Sofie somewhere else or even have a visitor and they don't care all that much, but Luckie just shuts down completely, usually hiding under something and growling like a demon. There are some rare exceptions, like Luckie behind nice to David a few times and of course the way she acts around me, but I admit she's a darn bitchy cat in general.

I love the dear :)
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It's the beginning of May and it's already too hot! It must be about 90 out. Ugghghghgh. I hate being sweaty, I really do. Especially when I have nice clothes on. Curses!

The good news? Or sort of good news? I work in a windowless basement so at least at work I can escape.

Must remember to go shopping for sleeveless shirts soon.
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Mozart Ringtone

For the first time ever (and maybe last time) I've actually bought a ringtone for my mobile. The thing is, it's not a damn crazy frog or a pop song... it's a ringtone of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 from a live recording from the New York Philharmonic! How awesome is that? I was just listening to the NYP broadcast on the radio and an ad came on about and the idea of having an actual classical recording on my phone, instead of a stupid MIDI or whatever, was so appealing, I couldn't resist. Plus I'd guess some of that fee goes to the NYP. Yay. Preview the 5 available here!
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