May 12th, 2007

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Guvna Sonny... Aargh

Here in Georgia, our governor is named Sonny. Sonny Purdue. And he's a Republican. Republic Doofus. He's head of the national association of governors and apparently is being mentioned as a, god forbid, vice-pres candidate. WTF? Anyway, check out what Sonny said:

Perdue on Iraq: Solve the problem yourself, or ‘keep your mouth shut’
Friday, May 11, 2007, 08:51 AM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gov. Sonny Perdue just finished up his talk-radio session with former U.S. secretary of education Bill Bennett on WGKA (920AM), held at the state Capitol.

On his “Morning in America” show, Bennett mentioned that Perdue has been talked about as vice-presidential fodder in ‘08, and asked if the governor agreed with other Republicans who think it might be time to put some air between themselves and President Bush — specifically on the topic of Iraq.

Perdue said he did not. In fact, in Spiro Agnew-like fashion, the governor encouraged nattering nabobs of negatism to put a lid on the loose talk.

Perdue acknowledged that the going in Iraq has been tough. But, he said, “until you’ve got a better idea, keep your mouth shut.”

“This president did not choose war. He chose to protect the United States of America, and I’m thankful that he did,” Perdue said.
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So so wrong

Wow, is this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad porn:

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Not only is it bad (there are at least a dozen ouch-worthy phrases in this one snippet), but it's in an MPREG story involving switched bodies. Anyway, for the full horror, go here.

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I'm actually not reading this for pleasure, but was just looking through stories on that site. I mean, seriously, the term "oily trough" just does NOT make me hot! LOL
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The Cat and the Canary-looking Bird

I haven't posted pet pics in quite a while, but today there will be two bursts. The first set is two pics of Luckie and Pell, who have have an amiable relationship, believe it or not. Then there are two of just the bird. She's SIX now!

Pell could easily get away if she was worried about the cat. But she's not!

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Go, Nimoy, go!

Leonard Nimoy, who's been into photography for decades, has for the past few years been focusing his attention on portraits of love, fat women. Yay!

Now I love Nimoy anyway and have appreciated his work in a whole variety of endeavors (e.g. the history of Jewish music he narrated) but even so this makes me want to hug him.

Another thing I like about this story? It has somebody calling Northampton, MA "perhaps the most liberal city in the most liberal state in the nation." Ha ha. And people wonder what warped me in my youth.
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Buh dum bum

It's no accident I'm flippant:

Frank: Pierce.
Hawkeye: Yes, M'am?
Frank: I'm here to relieve you.
Hawkeye: Oh. You *do* resemble an enema.

- M*A*S*H
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