May 14th, 2007

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Need some air

My stubborn decision not to renew my Singulair prescription until I get prescription drug coverage in place is finally hurting me where it counts -- my lungs. Ugh. Surprisingly I was fine all through the really terrible spring allergy season, but now that it's over my lungs are shutting down. Maybe it's bad air, as in smog and ozone, rather than pollen, that makes me so sick. Right now I feel like there's a cinder block on my chest and my lungs are burning like I got sunburn on my insides. I have to keep my breathing shallow because deep breathing is too much of an effort. Oh, well. I should be able to finally get a new bottle this week or next. It should cost about 1/4 the price of the ridiculous $100+ I paid last time, sans insurance.
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Strange - From mondaysabitch

1. What's the strangest thing you've ridden in or on?
A motorized, vibrating keg-mobile. With wheels. This was at last year's ARC staff picnic.

2. What's the strangest thing in your home?
Not counting me, books, movies, or other media... maybe the Donnie and Marie Osmond dolls?

It's hard for me to judge "strange" considering that's kind of what I go for. Examples just from this one room, the office: 1) light on the windowsill is an internally-lit full-size female torso wearing a (real) strapless bra, 2) iron hand, 3) a toy semi-truck from Market Basket, 4) prints of fictional hermaphrodites, 5) incense burner shaped like a king cobra, 6) Nosferatu-inspired paintings... egtc.

3. What's the strangest nickname anyone has ever given you? What's the explanation behind it?
Caleb has given me so many nicknames that while I can definitely credit him with whichever is strangest, I can't name just one. Some samples: My Precious Milkmaid, Choo-Choo, Chunklena, Chunklonga, Chunky, Candychew. His "explanation" is that he just has a thing about making nicknames for everyone. They all kind of have origins, but they're obscure and only known by the two of us.

4. Where's the strangest place you've ever slept?
Foyer of a really expensive hotel room in Germany. More than one, actually. Couldn't sleep and was really hot and fidgety, so I went to the floor to keep from bugging Caleb. All that money and I sleep on a scratchy hotel floor.

5. Who's your strangest family member?
Outside of myself, who I think is the true winner, my mother. We are a lot alike so it makes sense. Outside the immediate family, my mother's cousin Georgie was legally blind but his hobby was photography. Is that strange or just normal these days?
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Ganked from xanath -- Gettin' Around

I've traveled a lot, but missed a lot of tourist destinations. The fact the only places I've gone in the States west of the Mississippi are LA and MN doesn't help ;)

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I've actually never been to a National Park. This is largely because, as I just noted, I've never been out West. Also, there's only one park in New England, Acadia, and according to New England concepts of travel distance (anything over an hour is FAR FAR AWAY), the trip of 3 hours to its location in Maine was too intimidating for my family to bother going.
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