May 15th, 2007


Potentially sad doggy news

It's not 100% certain yet, but it's likely that Harpua, the dear sweet Golden Retriever I dogsit quite often, will have to be put to sleep today. She's been throwing up, had seizures last night and the vets think she may have had a stroke. Initially Whitney and Craig though she would be put down right away but the vets are treating her today and monitoring her to see if she can be stabilized. She is 9 or 10, though, and she's got bad kidneys and some other problems, so they may decide they're delaying the inevitable. Maybe it's best she goes before she gets in too much pain.

I'm glad I said hi and played with her last Thursday when I was over Craig & Whitney's place last week for a meeting. Such a sweet, old girl, and so obedient I usually only hold her leash with one finger. I'd recently given her a little stuffed tiger toy (used to be Luckie's) and taught her to respond to voice commands to get it for me. She would carry it all around the neighborhood when we'd go out for walks. She acted like it was her baby. I actually gave it to her so her mouth would be full and she wouldn't eat garbage off the street. (It's easy to outsmart a retriever.)

I cried when Whitney called me this morning to let me know. My heart aches.