May 22nd, 2007

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Smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke from the wildfires in southeast Georgia (350,000 acres burned!!!!!) has made it up to Atlanta and the city is bathed in a cloud of woodsmoke that's not only hazy but stinky. The elevator shaft in my building was like a chimney this morning. Ugh. If it's like this here, it must be hell on earth closer to the fires, which are 4-5 hours away by car.


Meanwhile, even aside from the smoke and smog issue, I feel really lousy. My lungs are killing me still, and will until I get my hands on more Singulair, my nose is stuffed up, I've got a headache, my eyes are dry and itchy, my right hip continues to ache, and I'm totally exhausted. Not a happy camper :(
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Gay flamingos

It doesn't get much gayer (or cuter) than this:

Gay flamingos adopt baby chick

Apparently these two have been pining for a baby for some time; in the past they've tried stealing one from het couples. You know how those gay guys are! Finally one baby got rejected by its real parents and since there's no law against it, the zoo gave the gay couple the baby.