May 29th, 2007


Back from Montreal, Two Thumbs Up

Back from Montreal! It was great, really great. I have pictures and tales (almost all good) to tell. I'll have to do it tomorrow, however, as I'm about to crash for the night. I highly recommend Montreal.

Oh, and boy does Luckie love me at the moment. I'm relieved to see she's not holding a grudge and is acting as sweet and loving as she was before I left. I guess a long weekend is OK with her.
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When Babelfish Goes Wrong...

Ganked from lupabtich:

1: Find the lyrics to your favorite song
2: Go to
3: Run the song through the English to Japanese translator
4: Copy it and then run it through the translator again, this time from Japanese to English.
5: Post the song (title and performer included please) along with these directions in your own journal.

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My favorite bits: references to Ohio State, wishing the clouds were distant from my rear, and the "lemon drop smokestack."
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Voice Post

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“Well, this is my 1st voice post in many many months, cos the system when down & I never bothered to find out what the new No. was, but I have it now, so I'm gonna record, the fact that I'm I am beginning to be good & go back to the gym on a regular basis & I am going to generally, be doing a lot of stuff, so that I can lose weight & reduce my risk of becoming a big whale & that's only one risk factor I have. Anyways, I just was at the gym & I did stretching & 4 kinds of weights & I used the cross ramp trainer & I'm kind of dizzy right now, but it was an ok workout. It was kind of fun. I'm trying not to do like super long work outs now I'm just gonna try to do shorter ones that are more intense. Hopefully we will be back here around Thu & then maybe next week I will start going 3 times a week. I don't wanna try to go to much to fast. So, I've got this phone with me now & hopefully I will be making more voice posts again. Now that I have the No.”

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