May 30th, 2007

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Way more pork than I can think about

So another "Hogzilla," this time in Alabama, has been shot. I cannot *believe* these suckers!

The claim is that this pig was 1,051 lbs.
and measured over 9 feet

Alabama wildlife and hunting officials are investigating how exactly the pig got onto the fenced hunting preserve where it was shot. If somebody moved it there, that's illegal because it's a feral hog -- how I'd hate to meet one in the woods! -- and also because it's not like an animal that big and fat can really avoid getting shot.
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No longer hung up

I've *finally* figured out how to get my camera-phone pics off my phone so I can show them off! I think I've have my phone like a year and a half at least. Oh, well. T-Mobile makes it a bit round-about but it's done.

Luckie and her furry under-belly

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