June 2nd, 2007

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For rubydreamer

Hi. I have a good suggestion for a ritual to sell the house. It worked for me, to my surprise. Caleb and I bought a big hunk of dried sage, then burned it as he walked around the house we were trying to sell. It's a cleansing and while a bit stinky, supposedly clears out negative energy, curses, etc. I sat there and thought positive thoughts. A day later we got the first serious offer we'd had on the house and it sold to those people. We had been trying to sell it for over a year!

He did it!

Caleb accomplished the "impossible" and baked his own croissants, from scratch:

Lookie here!

Moreover, they were actually good!

For those who don't know, dear Caleb is rather fixated on croissants, i.e.

Caleb : croissants :: Wendy : licorice

I was impressed!
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The Spice Girl!

So I was going through my kitchen cabinets cleaning and organizing (late spring cleaning) and got to the herbs and spices. I knew I had some duplications, containers that could be combined, etc., so I took everything out and, sure enough, I was able to get rid of 9-10 containers. Much more organized now and, whee, I even took an inventory!

My Herbs & Spices
(number in parentheses indicates numbers of containers, which can be either bulk tubs or spice bottles)

allspice, ground
basil, whole (2)
bay leaves (2)
caraway seeds, whole (2)
cardamon, whole
Chinese five spice
cilantro, whole
cinnamon, ground (2)
cinnamon sticks
cloves, ground
cloves, whole
coriander, ground
cumin, ground (2)
cumin, whole
dill, ground
dill, whole
Emeril's Italian Essence (herb mix)
fennel seeds, whole
garam masala
garlic powder
garlic salt
ginger, ground
marjoram, whole
mustard seeds, whole
oregano, whole
parsley, whole
pepper, black, ground
peppermint, whole
poppy seeds, whole (2)
pumpkin pie spice
red pepper, crushed
red pepper, ground
salt, Kosher
salt, regular

Plus there's vanilla, imitation rum, imitation almond extract, 2-3 types of vegie boilion, 2 kinds of meat boilion, 2 types of Italian mushroom boilion, dried Italian mushrooms, fresh ginger, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, and more. Yes, I'm on a mission to collect them all!

Am I unusual in having so many of these? I cook food from a lot of different places (North Africa, Germany, India, France, Poland, etc.) and use the Moosewood cookbooks, which use lots of herbs and spices to add flavor to healthy vegetarian foods. I bet marchenland has even more such things in her cabinets, but I'd like to know about other people!
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So I have this CD and this DVD, and they're the *same*

So I got my hands on "LOVE," the awesome Beatles remix George Martin and son created for the Cirque de Soleil show, and there's a format issue that puzzles me:

The album comes as a two-disc set, one disc in CD format, one in DVD format. But the DVD isn't a visual DVD, like video or an interactive thing, you just play it in your DVD player and it shows a background and the name of the song. The packages confirms this, noting that the two discs are the same.

Now, I ask myself, what the heck is up with doing two discs? They are the *same* thing and I can play *both* of them on either my computer or in my DVD player. And it's not even like the album was double-expensive either (it was under $20 US in Montreal), so I don't even think it's a scam to get money. But... what's the logic?