June 5th, 2007

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Kind of like NPR, only more obscure...

Lookie, I produced my first real podcast:

The Link Between Obesity and Asthma
http://www.whsc.emory.edu/_podcasts/healthbytes_obesity_asthma.mp3 (MP3, 2.75 MB)

And yes, that narrator is me. Not my best job narrating, as for some reason I was a bit lispy yesterday afternoon, but it works. My fav part is actually the Community Commons theme music :)

I'm going to be putting together another one later this week.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Somebody time trip these Republicans to the Jurassic!

Having just read a Richard Dawkins treatise on natural selection and evolution, this make me want to send some people to go live with apes*.

3 Republican Presidential Candidates Openly State They Question Evolution

Huckabee: "If anybody wants to believe that they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it."

Um... I hate to admit sharing an ancestor with such a man, but, OK, it's true.

* Though in truth the apes would tease them for being dumb.