June 7th, 2007

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Must-read article on women in Saudi Arabia

A LA Times reporter Megan Stack has written a killer article on her experiences as a woman in Saudi Arabia and issues surrounding women in that country. There are shocking details in here, most of which don't get covered in the media due to US ties with / dependency on the Saudis.

In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil

Say all you want about varying cultural standards, this is pretty heinous stuff Were other countries wrong to think the US was f*cked up when it came to black/white segregation? Were other countries wrong in condemning South Africa's Apartheid program? What about the Taliban in Afganistan? We wouldn't want to be culturally insensitive huh? Ugh.
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Voice Post

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“So here I am at lunch or actually after lunch, & I'm sitting in this little pocket of forest. It's been sort of develops(?) undeveloped on campus. It's got electrical units & a drain & a colder & stuff & I hear this tapping, as I'm hear reading & I look up & there's a woodpecker like 10 ft away from me, going on along this branch you know doing their thing. Whether they're tapping & they're trying to find little bugs to eat, he was so cute. It was black & white, it had a red head, it was much smaller that other woodpeckers that I've seen. Feel like different species or it's a baby, I don't know but it's so cute & now it's hopping up & down. I can hear it right now. I see it, it's hopping up & down the barks of the trees. Anyways, I ___ that the 1 made last week that was so long, so here we go.”

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Steampunk Computer Mod

While I usually consider computer "mods" (outfitting a computer, monitor, etc., so it's wood or furry or in the shape of Darth Vader), lame, lame, lame and pointless, I find this one SO cool:

Collapse )

Love it, love it, love it. More pics, info on construction here.

*still puzzling why most computers are SO damn ugly*
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Voice Post: Huh

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“So apparently if you try and revise an auto-transcribed post, it doesn't work? I don't get it. Anyway, for the curious, this post is about it being 95 out is and how much I hate it. The usual yearly I Hate Summer speech.”

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So all this week, one of the ads in heavy-rotation on the CNN web site is this one and it's freaking me out!

Worse than just the image is the fact that her eyes move!
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Presidential ramblings

The thing that most impresses me about Obama so far? When he speaks, he uses English. And not just any old English, but meaningful, eloquent English. The kind you can't say unless you actually know what it means. Very Kennedy-esque and, hell, Clinton-esque. Honestly, the use of nicely put together words is impressive in this Age of Dubya-Speak, but even without the current environment, I think Obama would stand out. I just hear the words and think to myself, "Wow, there's like actual *thought* going into this!" OMG, imagine that!

Meanwhile I will state flat out that I don't like Hillary for president and really hope she gets wiped out in the primaries. Sincerely. It's not that she's a bad person or a bad senator but she's not right for this country and I find her behavior really irritating. For now that's all I'm saying.

Edwards I like, because he's smart and sane and civilized as well, but he's been on the ticket before and I think people are wanting something totally new.

As for the Republicans... I can't figure McCain out, since at times he seems awfully rational and willing to compromise, while at other times he makes me gag. I feel like he's trying to pull a fast one on people. Guilianni... not my favorite either, although I do tend to like Republican mayors and northern Republicans. However, I don't think you go from mayor (even mayor of a megalopolis) to president and there's also a whole shady, sketchy thing going on re some of his past moves. Finally, scariest candidate doing well in the polls is Romney. Creeps me OUT. And hello people, he's from Massachusetts and do we really need another candidate from my home state to go run and lose? The state is CURSED, alas, when it comes to people nationally just going "Massachusetts isn't the real United States!"
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