June 11th, 2007

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Parents moving

Well, I didn't want to pressure my parents about their househunting, but obviously I should have been, because somehow Mom just emailed saying they've decided to pick that place in Sturbridge that, to me, seems all wrong for them.

I mean, yes, it looks comfortable, no stairs, it has a nice deck, trees, they can fit into it, but it's in Sturbridge! As in, just as remote to stores and stuff as they are now! And further from Boston hospitals, further from Andover, where they've lived the past 33 years, their friends, church, etc. I had sent Mom info on Salem and Lowell, which are much closer and have some very nice places selling for less than this one. I think they should live in a town, not out in a gated place or kind of out in the country. (Yes, Sturbridge is a town, too, but I doubt this place is near the town center.) I also was hoping they'd find a place that was in an old house or apt. building or converted mill, which would have a better feeling than someplace like this unit they've found, which seems very "old person." Mom says she's going to redo all the wallpaper and stuff, but still, not what I had envisioned.

And chief annoyance? They'd be way out in Western Mass., so o visit, I have to fly to Hartford, CT, which means I have to fly Delta, since there's no Airtran, and I've checked prices and even with a stop in Cincinnati, it's pricey, pricey. I *could* fly into Boston and get the MBTA train west and get picked up, but either way I have to get picked up and taken out to this relatively remote place (remote as Massachusetts is, which is relatively not much compared to most places).

Anyway, obviously I'll be supportive but I'm disappointed and wish I'd stepped in and tried to offer more help and advice.

Meanwhile I still need to figure out how and when I can visit them in ANDOVER, which it would seem I need to do soon, if I want to help them back, grab stuff before they throw it out or give it away, etc. The way my job and benefits are, my only option is probably going to be flying out on a Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday night or maybe early Monday. It will be such a rushed trip and it's sad because it might be the last time I see the house I grew up in! Wah. And to boot, I've checked ticket prices and they're so pricey, no bargains in sight. Gah. Things are just not working out.

EDIT: I should mention that one *good* thing about Sturbridge is that my sister Betty and her family live there, so they'd have family around. Betty's youngest kid, Julianna, is adorable and my parents will be able to have her over to visit a lot. They've babysat her a lot because Betty and Bruce have to spend so much time on her brother Will. Anyway, that's good. And Sturbridge is a central local between my other siblings pretty much (in Ohio, Vermont, New Jersey) so it's good for them. I have to say that in a selfish sense I do think it's a lousy location. I'm *not* renting a car to go out there!

Luckie's Fantasy

Sometimes Luckie acts like she wants to be a guinea pig.


If I go over to the guinea pigs' cage and sit there and watch them, Luckie comes up and meows, wondering what's going on, then of course jumps into the cage to investigate. And get attention! I keep looking and Luckie will start prowling around the cage, sniffing the piggies and scoping out their food. Often she will *eat* their food, like tonight when she pulled out a bunch of timothy hay from the rack and ate it. She's also eaten spinach, parsley, carrot tops, you name it. If she sees the piggies eating it and I'm watching, it's like she thinks if she copies them, I'll pay attention to her, too! Afterward she'll lie in the cage, often rolling around in the hay like she's some kind of barn cat. The piggies are like, "Um.... do you *mind*?" Luckie doesn't chase or harass the piggies much, though she'll sniff and paw their butts occasionally in some kind of animal bonding thing. The piggies just flinch and keep eating.
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80s Flashback, Yay!

Whoo hoo!

Rhino is re-releasing the Traveling Wilburys!

Out of print for ten years, these two were huge, huge favs of mine back in the day. I don't have a tape of them but I can still remember a lot of the songs. One of the funniest, I was just thinking of yesterday: "Store It In A Cool, Dry Place," which is Tom Petty channeling Bob Dylan. And I can still hear Roy Orbison going "I'm so sick of being lonely..." Which was perfect!
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