June 13th, 2007


So Tired

I've been so exhausted all week. Keep falling asleep on the shuttle to and from work. Worse, I'll knock off and actually have dreams, which I then get confused about because they're rather realistic dreams. Somehow I've managed to keep on working, very productively, despite being half asleep. I could pretty much go to sleep at any time with no effort, because I'm much closer to being asleep than being awake.

It can't possibly be right to be this tired! I sleep at least 7 hrs. a night, eat a very healthy diet (plus daily vitamins), walk 10K steps/day, and exercise at a gym 2-3 times a week. Yet I feel like I'm sleepwalking and my body's made of lead. I feel like a college student who's pulling all-nighters with mono on top of it. What gives?

I have a physical coming up and I really want to talk to my doctor about this. I truly don't feel I deserve to be this tired! The only obvious culprit I can think of is anemia, which I know I have. (Had to stop giving blood a few years back, after testing for low iron 5x in a row.) I take supplements for it but it never seems to do any good, so maybe I just can't absorb iron the way I'm supposed to. It would explain a *lot*. I'll also have a TSH test for thyroid, though I've had that done twice before and had it come back normal.

Time for a nap. I hope to wake up in time for Top Chef!