June 14th, 2007


Misconceptions of Childhood

Just thinking about this -- things I had weird ideas about as a kid.

1. Portland Trailblazers are from Maine.
2. If you dig deep enough, the earth is blue like the blue on a globe.
3. The 1940s were just a couple years before I was born (see 4).
4. Loony Toons, Our Gang, Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello are 20-year-old TV shows.
5. The Pulitzer Prize is a fancy chicken dish awarded to smart people.
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Happy day!

Today's been good. Reasons being:

1) I feel *much* better today as far as the tiredness goes. Probably because I complained about it? Anyway, for whatever reason, I felt a lot better this morning and since then my head has been clearer and I've had no trouble staying awake. I'm sure I could still lie down and fall asleep, but relatively speaking, I feel quite vigorous. Now I did take a 1-hr. nap last night and slept about 1/2 hour later than usual today, but that doesn't seem enough to have made such a difference.

2) Went to CVS to drop off my Prozac presecription and remembered that -- oh, wow! -- I now (finally) have prescription coveraage again! So instead of paying the $60+ I've been paying all this year, I only had to pay $12. If I could do a cartwheel, I'd do several over this. Yay! I think I will see about renewing my Cingulair prescription now. I've been off it since March I think and while I'm not dying over it right at the moment, once the smog comes back in full around here, it will really help!
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Sometimes I'm quite absent-minded.

For example:

For the last few months I've noticed -- vaguely -- that my stock of Tupperware/Rubbermaid products is way down. I'm always saving leftovers, plus using the plastic bowls when I'm out of clean regular bowls (sad, but true), and I kept thinking -- vaguely -- "Where ARE they?" I thought I'd left them at a party or something.

Anyway, today I was putting together a dinner of odds and ends and was looking in the freezer. "Oh, I can have one of those things of frozen soup!" I pulled out a little container to defrost it and realized that it was one of the missing ones. And there are three more where that came from! I made up some soup a while ago... not sure if it was this winter or last fall... but I froze it and forgot all about it.

So mystery solved. Meanwhile, the soup was just as boring as I remember. It was one of those soups that took a lot of work but was really bland. I froze it because I was sick of it after just a couple of bowls. I just defrosted a small bowl and couldn't finish it. Ew. If I had a dog, I'd give it to the dog.


Related bit of absent-mindedness: After I moved out of my place at the Metropolitan and was living over here for a while, I hired a cleaner to come give the old place a nice clean-up, so it'd look good for potential buyers. So I go over to see how the team is doing and one of them is like, "What do you want done with the stuff in the dishwasher?" And I look and sure enough, there's a half-load of dishes I'd put in and -- thankfully -- cleaned a few weeks earlier, right before I'd moved out. Totally forgot about them and had been wondering about that spoon, that plate, the water pitcher. D'oh!