June 16th, 2007


Nice Friday Night

Caleb and I had a nice night together. Friday is the night we usually have to ourselves since Daniel does volleyball over in Decatur, so we try to do something, go somewhere.

Tonight I made some pasta and Caleb brought over some hard bread and we ate while watching "How Clean Is Your House," which continues to be my daily TV addiction.

Afterward Caleb wanted to go up to Target to look for a light blanket. So we took the train up to Lindbergh, where of course we didn't really go look for a blanket. No, first we went to Home Depot, where I got a few practical things I've been needing, then over at Target I got a few more little items and Caleb only got one tiny food item and a pack of gum. But hey, we had fun out doing it and didn't spend much money, so that was good. On the way back we went around the condos and apartments by Lindbergh, which are there because of a whole lot of work Caleb has done over the years. It was feeling pretty lively around there, which is a huge change from how it used to be. On the way home we rode the train with these teens who were, Caleb said, very L.A., second or third generation Latino kids. They seemed really out of place in Atlanta, just a different type.

Back here, we ate a bit more while watching "Most Haunted," which was investigating hauntings and paranormal activity on the set of "Coronation Street." Interesting! Meanwhile Luckie was being *super* sweet and playful. She has been getting more and more friendly over the past few weeks and she was rolling around and purring for Caleb. After an episode of "Pimp My Ride," during which they transformed this guy's Monte Carolo into the Oogie-Boogie Man's lair, I gave Caleb a bit of massage.

Yay for a good night!
ice cream

The Hair!

So I had my hair appt. and my stylist gave me exactly the result I wanted -- the nice, very short, cute type of hair cut I've had before so many times and dearly missed. I came armed with pics, to be sure he'd cut it short enough, but never fear, he got it exactly right. It's wicked cute and I think I look a bit younger with it. Anyway, on to the pics!

Before & After

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